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whadja buy at Beams?
laphroaig and st peter's golden ale with dinner
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy The Apparel Arts drawings so many things to second, but especially flashy socks and patchwork madras. oh, and those high-necked, zip-front sweaters under sport coats that are all the rage in Men's Ex. i feel constrained just looking at them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk Slim-fitting, high-water trousers--especially on folks with large feet and/or large upper bodies. amen.
Quote: Originally Posted by bc78 Split-toe shoes. Oh--i thought SF consensus ran against these ...
what a weird coincidence! a friend and i were just comparing the US and Japan editions, saying how much better the latter was. better columns on books, music, food. better fashion, clearly targeted to an older audience. that said, there's fairly few pages of clothing, so if you can't read Japanese, Men's Ex is a lot more interesting.
just checked it out. why is it that Japanese mags like Men's Ex can do so much more, and do it 12 times a year?
i see that no one has yet mentioned lacoste. i have to say, the ones i've bought here in the US fit like tents, but those from Japan fit very well. i particularly like the selection of colors. also, Uniqlo has some nice cheap, trim polos every summer.
Caber, did you retitle this thread yourself?
(joining the chorus) yes.
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