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the holey-sock photo (i won't quote it): who *is* that?
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Mostly discontinued models. Or else, it will be in weird sizes. this was not my experience last time, though it was my expectation.
i would second daikanyama and nakameguro (was coming here to post that and found your message, damienos). the beams x porter bag shop in daikanyama is worth a visit. and there is an APC outlet in nakameguro. the beams shop in shinjuku is nice, but the string of beams boutiques in harajuku covers more ground. (BTW, it surprises me that united arrows gets so much blog attention recently, while beams gets little to none.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Will they have a special area for AE's or is the discount taken on the random AE's strewn about the shelves per usual? the last time they did this at my local Rack, there was a special section. i didn't realize at first, and wasted time wandering around the usual racks, growing disappointed, before i found the special sale section, with just what i was looking for: black PAs in size 8.
i try to avoid it in stuff that i leave on my skin all day. is there a Whole Foods near you? they stock several brands that avoid parabens in at least some of their products. i've used products by Avalon, Alba, and Dr. Hauscha.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf I'm right about to embark on another trip to Tokyo and here we are in April again. いいな〜。
whadja buy at Beams?
laphroaig and st peter's golden ale with dinner
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy The Apparel Arts drawings so many things to second, but especially flashy socks and patchwork madras. oh, and those high-necked, zip-front sweaters under sport coats that are all the rage in Men's Ex. i feel constrained just looking at them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk Slim-fitting, high-water trousers--especially on folks with large feet and/or large upper bodies. amen.
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