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Stone Brewing Co. Smoked Porter. yum.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I suspect that SF 2022 will talk of the ultra high button stance/gorge combo the same way SF 2009 speaks of low gorges. agreed. i doubt it will even take that long.
you're supposed to wedge it between the faucet and the bowl of the sink so it sprays continuously, muffling any unpleasant noise you make. i think i read that in Madame Dariaux.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria The good news? My competitive profile apparently has been approved. Viewed 440 times vs. your 1892...remarkable considering my late start. OK, that's genuinely funny. "Glade" sent it over the top for me.
"BD collar" and "french cuffs" guy?
Stone Imperial Russian Stout. looks like coffee.
well that was disappointing. went to my local Rack and there didn't seem to be any special AE "event" going on. just the usual random pairs mixed in with the other shoes. no special prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquidus What was your experience last time? i found Park Avenues in black and Kenwood beef-roll loafers in brown, as well as other conservative styles my size, 8.
really enjoyed that video, maomao. thanks for linking it.
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