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Quote: Originally Posted by mr. magoo Some of the higher end parts of the South (Charleston SC, Dallas, TX, New Orleans, LA, to name a few) have a higher standard of dress than most of the Northeast and California. Often it's lighter weight and more colorful, but much neater and cleaner than, say, New York. And some cities that prides themselves on being "European" -- San Francisco and Boston spring to mind -- are often much more informally...
midnight blue
at ssam, i had a salad of baby beets with a sesame yogurt dressing that haunts my memory. and those pork buns: yum.
i'm pretty happy with the standard BB slim fit. i wish it came in more colors/patterns (i think they stock only lt blue, white, and grey stripe), and i wish the arms were a little less billowy. then of course there's all the talk on SF about the unique collar roll of the BF OCBD ... but i'm not such a connoisseur--yet.
but the BF shirts come in only one arm length for each size, right? my arms are too long for the size that fits my neck. or do you get them custom?
i believe i'm living in one of the least formal ... not that i'm complaining.
now that i read SG's post i recall that the cardigan i'm thinking of is in fact from Muji, not Uniqlo. Sorry!
i'll third Uniqlo. i have one of theirs from a couple years back that i love. very slim.
I agree that #4 is nice, but my strongest instinctive response was to #5. it has charm.
Alter, the name of the sake shop is Koaminaka, between Sumiyoshi and Rokkomichi. go there on a weekday and, if you speak some Japanese and you show an interest in sake, they'll give you all sorts of samples. very nice people, and lots of unusual, small-batch sake. i hope it's still there ... and here's a map of the Kobe sakagura: http://homepage3.nifty.com/nobukoba/nextsake.htm
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