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but the BF shirts come in only one arm length for each size, right? my arms are too long for the size that fits my neck. or do you get them custom?
i believe i'm living in one of the least formal ... not that i'm complaining.
now that i read SG's post i recall that the cardigan i'm thinking of is in fact from Muji, not Uniqlo. Sorry!
i'll third Uniqlo. i have one of theirs from a couple years back that i love. very slim.
I agree that #4 is nice, but my strongest instinctive response was to #5. it has charm.
Alter, the name of the sake shop is Koaminaka, between Sumiyoshi and Rokkomichi. go there on a weekday and, if you speak some Japanese and you show an interest in sake, they'll give you all sorts of samples. very nice people, and lots of unusual, small-batch sake. i hope it's still there ... and here's a map of the Kobe sakagura:
Alter, i once lived in the same area. have you visited any of the distilleries in Higashi-Nada-ku? i used to go on the weekends for lunch with a flight of sakes. really fun. also, i know a GREAT sake shop near Rokkomichi.
American Tuna brand, carried by my local Whole Foods.
the tip jar that really puzzles me is the one in my local SELF-SERVE fro-yo.
the first tag looks like, as you guessed, a dry-cleaner's tag, with the date on one side and the customer's name on the other. the content label says: wool: 40 rayon: 40 nylon: 10 polyester: 10
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