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spend a few years in so-cal and you'll come to recall that tone with fond affection ...
なるほど。 as it happens, i was once invited to play on an amateur league Japanese hockey team.
Does "Ivy" need the modifier "American"? Isn't it like "hockey" (which, in America at least, should not be called "ice hockey") to "field hockey"?
he says that marriage "has always been a state issue," but the SC ruled that state bans on interracial marriage were unconstitutional. of course Cheney was responding to a question about a federal statute, but ... i wonder how he would feel about the olsen/boies challenge.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria RO, in the 90s Rubinacci made a big RTW push into better mens stores in the US. Louis, Boston carried RTW Rubinacci made by Belvest and Rubinacci lined three fold ties were long a mainstay at Louis. I had a dozen or so of the three fold ties at one point...I became unhappy with how they knotted, so I have only kept one that does happen to knot well. It's a shame because the silks were very nice. -...
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin Even better! Four iGents acquire a pair of magical Incotex Chino-Linos that go with all their fits, even though each uses a different coat maker. Over the summer, they have adventures while wearing the pants, which they record in extensive lifestyle pics on SF. They remain the best of friends, even as they develop individual styles.
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin Checked it out. I think with the power for SF, as well as its international membership, the tale of the traveling incotex will be much cooler. i think you mean "Brotherhood of the Traveling Incotex"
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I wish I could appreciate drinking expensive vinegar as much as you do, in which case I'd consider your offer as truly generous. as i read this thread (avidly!), i'm drinking some cheap white wine that tastes SO MUCH like grapefruit juice that, as awful as it is, i'm almost impressed. i don't think i should even cook with it. i should add that, when i was looking for a tailor, another member generously...
Quote: Originally Posted by Essentio not crazy about it. how is the band attached?
i like how he then qualifies the statement: "without the hoods and the nooses." oh, OK, so she's not actually lynching people ...
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