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Just bought this Seiko Spirit. I like quite dull-looking watches. The color of the face is a faintly beige silver. I've had a Seiko 5 for ... 15 years now? Really like their watches.
the Monocle Porter bags look a bit like a series Porter did for the select shop Beams years ago, but are significantly more expensive.I think it's almost impossible to find Porter on sale. Maybe at an individual shop in Japan, a few seasonal items at the end of the season.pretty sure mine came with a warranty, but i can't find it now.That's exactly the mental image I had when i read the OP's question.
they are very popular in Japan. I wouldn't say they cost "a fortune"; they're a bit pricey, but there are certainly far more expensive bags out there, and Yoshida have a lot of lines at various price points. I love mine. all the materials used (including zippers and strap hardware) seem to be of a high quality, and the interior pockets and compartments are well thought-out. also, not all "nylon" is equal.
the BB bucks i just took delivery of are made in China. I guess i shouldn't be surprised, and they seem reasonably well made, for the price. but various comments I read had led to me to think otherwise.
in Japan, Isetan and other stores sell lovely ones from Whitehouse & Cox, but i can't find those belts online. shoulda bought one [/sigh].
i love this sentence in the linked GQ description: "The white stitching gives it authentic workwear detailing without looking like you picked it up at your local hardware store." So, really, INauthentic detailing ...
Quote: Originally Posted by blackdice On a side note, Men's EX digital edition is now available from the Japanese iTunes store - so those who are paying premium on the paper edition may wish to consider it. Blackdice, thanks for this bit of information. I am enjoying your blog, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats I disagree ... there is too much emphasis on slim trousers on this forum. I think Mr. Pink looks fantastic in his trousers. Most folks here would benefit from fuller fitting trousers. Very few have the physique to pull off a slim trouser. seconded. when i first saw the photo, I thought how good the fuller (which is to say, rather standard) cut looked.
the brand has a strong following among trad types in Japan, which is where i first saw this stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgz that skin would make a handsome pair of shoes.
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