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United Arrows' Kamoshita Yasuto was asked a related question in this interview. I guess Japanese "Ivy" is more or less "Trad" (a "to a distant observer" interpretation of it):
So I was looking through shirtings yesterday and, wanting to seem au courant, asked about *chambray.* I was warned that it shows sweat stains more than other fabrics. FYI. (I was not sweating at the time, so I assume this is a general problem.)
Kuro, if either you or T4 identified this cloth, I missed it. Can you tell us what it is? (Sorry if you already did so up-thread.)
is there a rationale for this bold statement? i've always used a "two and two thirds" roll: fold the whole cuff back, fold it again, and then once more, but not the whole width of the cuff, bringing it to just below the elbow. I don't think i want to go flashing my tired looking elbows--or looking at anyone else's ...Anyway, I'm in the pro-gauntlet-button camp. I've never found them irritating in any way, and i pray i won't start to find them so after reading this thread.
Aren't there two corollaries:1) 99% of the people around you are slobs and won't know the difference.2) From five feet away, no one will be able to tell the difference.
Thanks for the suggestion, Roger. I will check them out.
Rough translation of the callouts in the Men's Ex photos above: "Firenze: Has a roundness and creates an elegant impression." "Milano: An architectural suit with a solid shoulder." "Napoli: A suit full of flavor, that gives a feeling of lightness and polish." "Roma: A restrained style, born in the political capital."
since we're talking of colors for blazer, can I ask for some opinions on the standard sportcoat in good taste for spring/fall (or "shoulder season")? I'm getting ready to order a sportcoat. Not for winter, so no heavier tweeds, and not for summer, so no linen. I work in academia (humanities), in a semi-rural setting. I already have a couple of blue blazers, and a dark olive cotton jacket (solid). What would be the most versatile fabric and color to order next? Will...
I just had a jacket made at Azabu. It was my first time using MTM, so take it for what it's worth, but I was extremely pleased with the service, the selection, and the result. Wide range of fabrics. Many options in styling (including the amount of padding in the shoulders, width of lapels, etc.). The clerk gauged my size perfectly. I paid about 50,000 yen (I chose a mid-range fabric and spec'ed more expensive buttons). They're running a sale on summer fabrics until...
The mention of capes reminded me that, in Japan, one sometimes sees men wearing an Inverness, particularly--but not exclusively--with kimono. Here's a website offering one for sale. I've seen others in tailors' shop windows in tweed. A google search of インバネスコートturns up many examples. Here's one for sale at Hankyu Mens, in Umeda:
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