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Need to add the size of the shoes
Too many pairs of shoes, so it's time to move these. A great staple sneaker that works with everything. Svensson's are very similar quality and style to Common Projects except they fit a little wider in the forefoot, which is amazing for anyone who knows the pain of having trying stretch out CPs. Svensson's also use the same Margom sole as CPs and I find the leather better one these compared to more recent CPs. These also have waxed laces which is nice too. Worn a few...
Thanks guys. @John-Galt definitely some surprising stores to carry lemaire. I'll check them out next time I'm in TO
Can I ask who the other 2 stores you discovered are? Always nice have options which don't have to cross the border
Does anyone have any sizing advice on these Are they the usual Chucks sizing or TTS? I've got NC plimsoles (not made by Converse, below in the sig) which fit great TTS so I was wondering if these could be the same?
I stand corrected! I guess they came in a while after the rest of the line was released, as I really wanted a pair and could only find them on the EU, UK and Asian Uniqlo sites. I guess they probably didn't make it to Canada either.... Anybody placing an order able to tack them on and proxy for me please?
Trying to cut my shoe collection down. I really like these, but don't wear them as much as I should (only been worn 3 times to and from casual office environment) so it's time to move them. These classically styled plimsolls have been given a rugged make over, inspired by Nigel Cabourns collection of over 3000 rare pieces of original military clothing. Featuring traditional canvas uppers, these Army Plimsolls are made in the UK and sit on top of chunky vulcanised rubber...
Are those shoes supposed to be part of the UU line? I like them a lot actually, even though I'm assuming the quality is inline with regular Uniqlo. The slip-on's in the last Uniqlo & Lemaire collection were only available in Europe and Asia I believe.
Totally agreed. If you've handled or own mainline pieces before, the difference is very obvious. I think a lot of people treat it as Lemaire on sale which is not even close to what the purpose of this collaboration. Unfortunately I'm still close to 2k Miles away from the store and they aren't doing online sales in Canada until sometime in the new year.
Personally I think of it as Uniqlo inspired by Lemaire, so I use it as beater wear. Comparing it to real Lemaire is only going to leave you disappointed everytime. It's 1/8 of the price for a reason, so the build quality and materials are never going to be remotely close. It is a great way to gain more appreciation for mainline Lemaire and grow the brand, fans and stockists.
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