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Super dope, I've had my eye on that for a while. Hope it works for you, make sure you post a fitpic!
@conceptionist- At the risk of making your decision more difficult, I would suggest a 50. I found with bigger thighs and butt, though I could fit a 48 they lost the lookbook fit I was looking for. The pants are great though! I really like this shirt from the show
That jacket is nice, except I'd like to see it in a color other than white. I also liked the long parka too
Thanks @MGoCrimson Could I ask a fav from you and get the thigh measurement for the Larges please? I'm not sure to go for L or XL. I'm a 34" waist but want a looser fit.
Anyone have and experience or sizing advice with the Linen easy short? http://www.uniqlo.com/ph/CPaGoods/itemcode=171326 Looks pretty good in black
Your basic understanding of the forum and the people here. I never said anything about you flip flops either.I did ask you a question though, which you seemed to skip over. Do you actually spend time browsing and reading the forum?
Ok, I'll bite and give you a basic answer.It's you extreme lack of understanding of the forum and ignorance that makes you seem like a troll if you are honest about you intentions here.Serious question here, have you bothered to read much of the forum?Everything I've seen from you is very average and boring "American eagle" type stuff. I'm not sure why you would expect any positive response in a forum where members are clothing design enthusiasts.
@accordion I sized down one for my AnnD derbys and they fit perfectly.
Ahhh never mind then. I have a 50 in the blue/grey (petrol) color one but it's size 50. FYI- the shirt is a slimmer Lemaire cut, so you may want to size up for a lookbook style.
What size and are you just looking for the white version?
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