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You're such a jerk BCD On a more serious note, does Lemaire have enough mainstream appeal for flippers? I really hope not as it's going to suck for peeps without a local Uniqlo. I've got my eyes on the jacket, band collar shirts and the pants too but maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up.Release day proxy anyone?
Kaftan you say, I thought it looked more like the Maxi coat. Assuming it's the same coat in both pictures.....
I'm up in Canada and I've found it great! Of course on the coolest days you need to layer with it, but it's a sweet coat.
I have these exact pants (I'm actually listing them I'm the next few days) and they're great. The material is a medium weight British milled wool which is both warm and surprisingly breathable. The top block is fairly loose and tapers sharply below the knee. The build quality is excellent as with most PW peices.
A piece I've been watching at several stores finally dropped on TheCorner, but of course they don't ship to Canada....... ugh. Any chance someone would be willing to proxy it for me?
The Atom is an amazing piece! Super versatile and comfortable. It's not down though, it's a high end synthetic called Coreloft which is way more breathable than down
Is that the uniqlo version of the maxi coat on the guy in the middle? Where did you find that picture @needhelp123
Peir Wu extended collar top in a cotton-ramie ribbed knit. - Mid-sleeve (to elbow) top with an extended collar detail. - The shoulder features a curved, seamless cut that transitions to a slim sleeve with an alternating weave detail. - Raw edged finish on the hem and cuffs. - Constructed from a stretchy, soft cotton-ramie ribbed knit. Size 50 (fits slim) Fabric: 55% Cotton 27% Ramie 15% Rayon 3% Linen Color: White Made in: United Kingdom Measurements Pit to pit:...
IMO buying the one pleat pant TTS will give you a look similar to that of the look book pics (loose top block). When you size down the top block is going to be slightly less loose. To answer you question, it all depends on your body type and how you want them to fit. I personally wouldn't size up as TTS is already plenty loose. Also the material will make a slight difference to as it can effect the drape too.
Up for grabs is my Margiela black leather side zips. I love these things as they're so versatile but still remain extremely classy, I'm sure you know the deal already though.... From Mr P, Maison Martin Margiela black ankle boots embody the brand's renowned minimalist luxury. Flawlessly crafted in Italy, this supple leather pair will age beautifully. Take advantage of the timeless, versatile design and wear them with pared-back staples or smarten up with a suit. Size 42...
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