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I guess that all depends on the climate you are wearing it. It's offers similar warmth wool to that of a wool pea coat but the style isn't as tailored obviously, so you loose some body heat that way. However you can layer more because of it too.
I have a Kaftan in grey wool tweed. It's a really great fabric with a nice hand and almost thick bouncy feel to it.
Are those a 50 or 52?
I'm sure the linen blend material is really nice. I guess you would have iron or sew the pleats in to make them more permeant if desired. The resent versions of this pant have a wider hem, but they used to have a stronger taper. My cotton pair certainly has a narrower hem.
I personally wear these on my hips and enjoy the slightly lower crotch. I concur with OccultaVexillum that the cotton is very crisp and stiff, especially for how thin it is, and falls differently after they have been broken in. I also found the pleats fall out (except for up by the waist band) after wearing them a bit which make the pants feel more casual. The wool versions fall and drape well from the get go in my experience. I've never tried the cotton/ linen versions...
Super dope, I've had my eye on that for a while. Hope it works for you, make sure you post a fitpic!
@conceptionist- At the risk of making your decision more difficult, I would suggest a 50. I found with bigger thighs and butt, though I could fit a 48 they lost the lookbook fit I was looking for. The pants are great though! I really like this shirt from the show
That jacket is nice, except I'd like to see it in a color other than white. I also liked the long parka too
Thanks @MGoCrimson Could I ask a fav from you and get the thigh measurement for the Larges please? I'm not sure to go for L or XL. I'm a 34" waist but want a looser fit.
Anyone have and experience or sizing advice with the Linen easy short? http://www.uniqlo.com/ph/CPaGoods/itemcode=171326 Looks pretty good in black
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