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is it plausible that UM removed their stock and took the brand off the designers list (online) because they haven't received their new season product?
Does anyone know if Unionmade has dropped MHL/ Margaret Howell? I was eyeing the ridiculously expensive linen t-shirt they had and hoping for it to drop in price a little more before pulling the trigger, but the brand seems to have completely vanished from their site now.....
Durability is alright, for me at least. I guess you are talking more the current Lemaire collection, but thick moleskine is my personal favorite for cold temps.
It holds up surprisingly well considering it's a cotton jacket.
You mean the winter version with the removable hood? If so, really well. I've worn my one a bunch and I find it wears well and is very functional too. Probably my favorite piece from that collection.
I have this piece in a 50. It's really nice as an overshirt and it's a wool material with I think it's something like 3% silk. The color is beautiful, a green/ olive color with grey flecks throughout.
I guess that all depends on the climate you are wearing it. It's offers similar warmth wool to that of a wool pea coat but the style isn't as tailored obviously, so you loose some body heat that way. However you can layer more because of it too.
I have a Kaftan in grey wool tweed. It's a really great fabric with a nice hand and almost thick bouncy feel to it.
Are those a 50 or 52?
I'm sure the linen blend material is really nice. I guess you would have iron or sew the pleats in to make them more permeant if desired. The resent versions of this pant have a wider hem, but they used to have a stronger taper. My cotton pair certainly has a narrower hem.
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