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Just received this Junya Watanabe X Comme De Garcons jacket, but it doesn't fit right, so I'm looking to move it. The jacket doesn't look worn at all, but I didn't receive the tags. It still looks and smells new however. Made in Japan and has incredible details and excellent craftsmanship as always with Junya pieces. The body is made from a heavy waxed cotton but has wool sections and details throughout the jacket. Great weight for Spring and Fall. The hood can be...
Boiled wool will be awesome, but please don't go with black. I love the design but I have so many dark pieces in my wardrobe I couldn't justify another......
The dove wool looks amazing!
Only on outerwear, boots and sweaters.....Why can't they include wool t-shirts, they're basically sweaters aren't they
I could be very interested in that. Fire me a PM if they don't work out!
I'm new to Trickers and wondering if you guys could help me out? I saw these military soled Margaret Howell x Trickers derbys and really like them, however I can find the black ones available anywhere in my size. Does Trickers offer anything similar in their line-up which might be more readily available?
Not that matters, but I would disagree. I'm a 41 chest and I found the V a touch to tight through the chest. I guess it all depends on proportions and preferred fit.
Brand new, never worn, size 50, just didn't work for me. This shirt is SOLD OUT and retailed $377 USD plus shipping from the UK. Get this brand new for cheaper. Relax fit shirt, elbow-length sleeves, elongated body, longer in the back. Doubles as a smart-casual shirt jacket over a t-shirt. Soft-knitted elastic band sleeve hem detail. Crafted from a high-quality Japanese wool gabardine. The Japanese wool gabardine are the more classic styles we present this season. And...
I'm heading to LA in a couple of weeks. Going to be staying in the Hollywood area, any recommendations for stores to visit?
@Regg Is that figaria the grey one NMWA has or a beige version?
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