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I could be very interested in that. Fire me a PM if they don't work out!
I'm new to Trickers and wondering if you guys could help me out? I saw these military soled Margaret Howell x Trickers derbys and really like them, however I can find the black ones available anywhere in my size. Does Trickers offer anything similar in their line-up which might be more readily available?
Not that matters, but I would disagree. I'm a 41 chest and I found the V a touch to tight through the chest. I guess it all depends on proportions and preferred fit.
Brand new, never worn, size 50, just didn't work for me. This shirt is SOLD OUT and retailed $377 USD plus shipping from the UK. Get this brand new for cheaper. Relax fit shirt, elbow-length sleeves, elongated body, longer in the back. Doubles as a smart-casual shirt jacket over a t-shirt. Soft-knitted elastic band sleeve hem detail. Crafted from a high-quality Japanese wool gabardine. The Japanese wool gabardine are the more classic styles we present this season. And...
I'm heading to LA in a couple of weeks. Going to be staying in the Hollywood area, any recommendations for stores to visit?
@Regg Is that figaria the grey one NMWA has or a beige version?
I'm the same as you CD. I have both the Bee and Poa in size 6 which fit looser but my Rock coat is a 7 and fits perfectly.
What shoes @DLester? Those are beautiful and exactly what I'm looking for.
The Clover has high armpits, so IMO it fits more on the slim side of things.
I emailed Joseph a few days ago. He will have his pre-order information out shortly.
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