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Up for grabs is my Stephan Schneider Hairs Cardigan from the Frozen Waves Collection F/W 2011. I absolutely love this thing, but I've got to move it because I know it's to small for me. This thing is a size 4 (but fits more like a 5) which will fit a 38 or medium and is made from a blend of 50% mohair, 30% nylon & 10% wool. It's super soft, drapes beautifully and has a warm but breathable feel when wearing it. The colours are a mix of greys, blues, and some white too.
I have them and like them a lot. I'm a fairly standard 34" waist and I got a 48 in these. The fit is great through the thigh and leg but I have to do the belt up tight (actually past where it should be). The material is fairly substantial but breaths well too.
Up for grabs is my pair of almost new Raf Velcro's high tops in black leather. They are a size 42/9 and use the same Margom soles as CP Achilles and fit the same. They are basically brand new and only worn a few times. They look and smell new, but have a tiny bit of very light heel drag if you look closely. These should be suitable for someone who has a wider size US 9/ 9.5 or a narrow/ medium width US 10, but please refer to your CP Achilles size if you are...
Much appreciated!
Sorry for the newb question, but I was wondering if someone could help me with sizing help? I'm looking at getting these and don't know how they fit. I'm a 43 in MMM GATS and years ago I was a 10.5 in Nikes
Does any have first hand experience with the grey/ purple version of the Pupal sweater? I'm wondering how purple it actually is IRL.
I have two pairs of Voronois and love them. I've washed them in the machine before (inside out) with no ill effects.
Thanks for the reply. I too am normally a 34" pant, but generally wear a 50 in pretty much everything because I have larger athletic thighs. I'm trying to figure out my size in these and the thigh measurements don't look overly big, but when I see fit pics they seem really roomy and flowy through the thigh. Is this because of the longer rise?
I see a few pairs of these in the Marketplace and obviously anyone who pre-ordered couldn't try them on, so I was wondering what the general consensus is when it comes to the fit? Would the recommended fit be tts, -1 or -2 sizes?
Yeah, you're right my mistake....but that reply definitely comes across as rude. Maybe you should take your own advice and look at the two jackets closer. You'll notice that the details on the two jackets are different.
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