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This one IMO. Does that LAM have grey or navy undertones? Either way that shirt will be a nice contrast but work well with the secondary colors in the knit.
I think #3
Dayton Service Boot in Charcoal Exactly like the W+H collaboration boot except with the wet weather sole. These boots fit a US10/ EU43 perfectly. The boot have only been worn a handful of times, so in good condition save a few minor scrapes. Here's what Dayton has to say about them, Whether you're tearing through rugged, mountainous terrain or strolling through your local neighbourhood - you're going to want a comfortable, stylish fit that's as unique as you. Other...
Super comfy as well! They're a little different for sure but I really like mine.
Just bought these on another forum but they didn't work out unfortunately. Asking $200 for this pair of guidi calf leather devoa derbies. Condition is 7.5-8 out of 10, some wear on the heals and soles. They've been kept very clean, and have an super comfortable memory foam insole. They're a true 43 with the insole, but much larger without. Interested in trading for Schneider, Peir Wu or Lemaire pieces in large or a pair of black derbys to fit a 43.
I got the olive one, but I did think long and hard about the navy version too. @lonermatt - did you ask about the royal mail shpping option as well? I find it pretty good.
I have the Tunic shirt in transit. Hoping to have it in the next few days...
Weird, I'm definitely on the SP mailing list but didn't get anything on pre-orders....
Where are you guys placing the pre-orders?
@queb Did you pick up the one pleat from SP? I've have my eye on them but the pleat seems really prominent from the pictures and I'm not sure if I can handle it. How do you find they wear?
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