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I tried on the WT version instore when I was in Toronto. The material is really nice and fairly substantial.
I emailed them a while ago about that and never got an answer, so I'd assume not.....
Totally agree! The collarless shirt was probably my biggest dissapointment. The color is to dark for Navy and that weird dart thing is just awkward.
Yip, just picked them up in navy. They are very high waisted with a regular top block. I pulled them down a bit so they have a lower crotch and found they fit nicely. Very much in tune with lemaire ss16 styling.
@kvgx22 I got a small up for grabs?
I can't give each you exacts but they have a fairly narrow hem. At a guess for the large, I'd say 7" or just over
@Dlester It's a muted green with definite grey tones in it. I liked it personally but thought I'd get more wear out of the black. It's a fairly thin coat FYI
I found the navys very dark on the non Knit pieces. Both myself and the cashier swore the collar less shirt was black. The collarless shirt was probably my biggest disappointment. I really like the look online, but the navy is too dark IMO and it has this weird dart after the buttons end down to the hem, I still got it though.
I saw it at soho @chetb
@occultavexillum Crossover galore I know, but I tried on a 52 in the owl maxi at barneys and it fit amazing. I'm a 41 chest. Last one left there FYI
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