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The waist is TTS. The rest of the pant is relaxed (depending on the model) but you would have to alter the waist if you size down.
Boot and jacket are dope Toasty! Nice job man
I don't know if SuperBoBo's suggestions are really going to work with your current SLP look, so you might have to either suck it up or look towards another aesthetic
I'm actually having my cobbler do the opposite and put a commando sole on my Ann D's. Rather than fill the gap I'm sure a better long term (and probably more comfortable) option would be to have the whole sole replaced with a Vibram wedge sole. The Vibram version looks pretty darn close to the original Ann D sole.
That looks more like the new version of the Rock coat to me This looks more like the Conversation (new Merino)
They're two pages back........ Did you ever bother to look?
I'm really looking forward to this release. I know the last collection had it's naysayers, but I think the summer collection is going to work better at Uniqlo's price points. I can already see a few pieces I want for sure! IMO it's never going to stack up against the Lemaire mainline pieces but seriously at a fifth of the price, can you really expect it too?
Not in my experience. I've emailed them twice and never got a reply back.
@ManofKent You seem to be a hat guy, so I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as I'm a newbie to this type of cap. I really like the look of this hat used in this Lemaire shoot. I'm not sure if it was ever produced by Lemaire or just used for the shot, but I would love to find something similar. Any ideas on where I could find something like this? Seems to be a flannel wool but not your typical paperboy style were the bill is attached to the cap.
Weird timing OV as I was thinking the same thing and felt like I should finally contribute after lurking for so long. Excuse the messy room, crappy iPhone pic, dirty mirror and pretty boring everyday fit.......haha Milsurp Qlomaire Schneider Icebreaker Nudie Nigel Cabourne
New Posts  All Forums: