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Up for grabs is my (actually) worn once Arcteryx Scann blazer. I wore this jacket just once at a gala for an about hour and it hasn't been worn since. It could very easily pass as new, no flaws or signs of wear and it sold out at retail for $695. The blazer is constructed by seam welding (as seen in the pictures) instead of the traditional seaming. This makes it very lightweight (removes bulk) and sit very cleanly when worn. It also gives the jacket more water resistance...
Good to know, thanks toasty. How similar is the sizing to MMM sidezips? The shoes seem to have similar construction and shape at first glance.
Has anyone got any experience with the fit of the new season derbies?
So great to have you back Noctone. Always one of my favorite posters
That's the initial announcement media, but I haven't since anything since unfortunately. I'd love to know more details on which pieces are being released.
Has anyone seen/ heard about anymore details on the QLO X Lemaire collection? I know there was some basic information when word broke, but nothing since then?
I think you can make that coat work.It's nice piece, but I do agree with Parker about it being difficult to style. IMO I think a light color palette would work best. Do you have light washed denim (maybe even grey)? I think paired with your GATs and a light colored tee (grey, cream or washed olive maybe) it should do the job and still look casual enough for you.Good luck and don't give up on it!
I've used this technique before with good success with knit pieces. Not sure how it would work with felted type materials
Not sure, as I've only tried mine on. I'd rather trade mine for the next size up, than wash and dry it hoping it will stretch out.
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