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I find the wool (heavy weight) Merino good for Canadian winters so I\m sure you would be OK in NYC too. Not to sure about the warmth of the Moleskin version compared to the wool though, I think wool might be the better choice.
A large in the QLOmaire parka should translate into a 50 in the Caban coat. The best way to know for sure is call the store and ask for measurements and compare them to a similar coat he owns. Other than that all anyone on here can do is give you an educated guess......
Thanks, thats good to know...... I've tried emailing them a few times, but unfortunately they don't respond.
@Abraxis Kinda off topic I know, but how does shop number 4 ship to the US?
Barneys NYC has Kaftan's as well. I'm sure they would ship even though they might not be online.
Does anyone have a green shirt in size large from this colection the are looking to move? I'll take any of the convert, collarless or BD styles. I would also be greatly appreciative if anyone is willing to proxy if their local has one in-stock.
Similar condition to Jan Jan then BCD?
Does anyone know anything about the hat in this picture? Was it produced by Lemaire? Has anyone seen it first hand or seen anything similar available elsewhere?
I have the lace-ups and I think TTS is best. They do fit just slightly large, maybe like .25 but not enough to justify dropping down a size IMO. The leather with stretch over time too
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