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Any deals for Barbour outerwear?
Crepe soles & the mini lug soles don't appear to be goodyear welted. I wonder about these. The little blurb says cork, but could easily just be a generic description. never hear much about the mini lug models. Probably not quite as handsome as the leather command soles, but should these be avoided? They look pretty practical.
Do all Aldens feature a cork footbed or does it depend on the sole type?
So what do you think is the right approach for the wool herringbone bedford jacket? Go for the slouchy fit M with plenty of room to layer underneath or go for the size S for a more tailored look but definitely no room to layer. Sleeves fit perfect on the small, but just a touch long (and seem wide?) on the M, but easy to tailor in that extra inch. I think either approach could work. My instinct says go for the S, but not sure if it meets the intended looked. I'm TTS...
Good idea. Geez, I know better than this. So.. I'm a US 9 or say 8.5D Alden Barrie... the consensus is to size down 1/2 to 7.5UK/8.5US ?
Bond wears it in Skyfall and it's still current season. I bet you cannot find the Billy Reid Peacoat easily either. The Tom Ford Bond glasses go for > retail on ebay... even years later.
Let me know if any of those Conistons from the Barney's sale don't work out for you. 8.5 or 9 US size.
Need some advice. Am I wasting my time shopping Yoox with 10-15% off codes this time of year? They run those throughout the year, right? Should I be chasing bigger discounts on current season items right now?
Do you think Yoox would just adjust your refund to offset the discount if you returned 2 out of 3 for example?
What's the difference between the CP suede chukka shoes and CP standard chukka boots listed on the Park & Bond Sale site?
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