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haha... i found thoes "girly" boots under the men's section.. Anyway, what about this pair of boots than?? . I wear slim/skinny kind of jeans, and coming from sneakers background, i dont really know what kind of boots to go with jeans?? so some help please, better if can point me into the right direction with some links too
Im wondering if this boots will look good when worn with jeans?? And since this boots is pretty high cut, what will u guys normally do? tuck the jeans into the boots or just let it fall over the boots, and letting the top details go to waste? :/
What i got my eyes on is either a pair of white slipons or white laced up canvas shoe. I attached both the laced n slipons pictures. What do u guys thinks will go better with slim cut jeans?
is there anyway to bust white slipson within a short period of time?? got a new white pair of slipon that i want it to have a rugged look.
hmm. i googled on neatsfoot and here is what i found. "Neatsfoot oil fills the capillaries in the leather and prevents the exchange of humidity- it also makes the leather 'sleazy', invites rodents and dogs to eat it, pulls dirt out of the air and crusts it to your material. Neatsfoot is used to refurbish leather that is filled with horse sweat- salty, crusty, and stiff. I prefer a 'shoe creme'- sometimes a little pure lanolin- never used saddle soap or neatsfoot...
do u juz apply on the outside? or the inside needs to be applied too?
mmm cool. any specific brand to buy for this neatsfoot oil?? I dont want to end up buying one with petroleum oil and spoiling my rm wallet
whats the use of neatfoot oil??
but wont they shrink further on ur next soak/wash as this first short cold soak wont fully shrink them to the max point right?
actually which is more accurate? the sizing chart on studio dartisan webby, or the sizing chart that is provided in bears webby? i realised the difference is at least 2cm in both webby. Hmmm Should i get the one wash in 29.. or raw 28 and play with the shrinkin factor?
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