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how does vans.com sizing go about? issit in inch or wat? the sizing chart only makes me confuse, seeing size 3.5 is like wow...a 10cm foot.
coldrice is on his break now??
arrh. dilemma, i love the look of pbj xx-003, but than i love the worn in results of the SDA 103. they look like this http://image.rakuten.co.jp/bears/cab...e/sa-sd101.jpg http://image.rakuten.co.jp/bears/cab...sa-sd101-f.jpg think its possible for xx-003 to turn out like thoes?
damm nice. hmm , cant seem to find any pure blues pictures that have been worn in? anyone know of some gallery that have the break in version of pure blues so i can drool at ? heh.
Quote: Originally Posted by horriblyjollyjinx SD's shrink to tagged size while your Nudies are probably 2-3" larger than tagger size. Measure your jeans or yourself and you will know what size to get. The SD-103s can stretch up to 2" btw, if you get them tight that is. excuse me, got a question here. Does this mean, if im a size 30, i can get a size 28 SD to wear them? than after washing them, i will still fit it with a little bit of tightness?
can anyone give me the link to PBJ shop,rakuten or the PBJ webby. No luck searching for Pure blue japan in rakuten for me..
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