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can u give the thighs measurement for the MIJ in size 27 and size 28 please? thanks.
Question, are there free shipping for international orders?
Quote: Originally Posted by ineffable A lot of online stores have huge sales after christmas. They don't have the upkeep costs of a typical b&m store they can afford to just firesale anything they're allowed to. Online stores connected to b&m stores usually do not have these kinds of sales, although some might (but usually what you'll see is the stuff no one wants.. which can sometimes end up being nice, but usually it's more of the "well, it was a good...
is the promotion code still working? it looks like the price when they email me after the order is confirmed is still the same..
i still cant find another books that is designed like the pic i posted without the destressing, just pure natural leather that gonna age beautifully... What is this style called? like for example, there are desert boots, motorcycle boots, equastrian boots.. etc etc.
Are thin soles a indication of poor quality or something?? Can anyone tell me what to take note for quality?
i took a look at their webby, cant find any design that is similiar to the pic i posted, minus the distressing of cause...
This pair cost around US$580. Wondering if this pair is worth the amount? Im also wondering if pre-distressed leather boots like these will be able to "age beautifuly" or not?
haha... i found thoes "girly" boots under the men's section.. Anyway, what about this pair of boots than?? . I wear slim/skinny kind of jeans, and coming from sneakers background, i dont really know what kind of boots to go with jeans?? so some help please, better if can point me into the right direction with some links too
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