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Still not getting a tracking update, pmed seller, he says tracking will only update when it reaches destination country, and another time when its delivered.. Is there really such a delivery with such tracking behavior?
Hi, I recently purchased a pair of jeans off SuFu suparmarket. Upon finalizing the deal, I paid promptly and seller says he will ship them out today and update me with tracking. So I was ok with that, but 24hrs later, i still didnt receive a tracking number from him, so i PMed him again. I got a reply from him about 20 hrs that I will get shipping number after he gets back home. Time past, i waited, and i got the tracking number, but the thing is, using USPS website gives...
i got recieved my Jcrew #8 cordovan captoe boots a few days back. they are an absolute joy to wear. Just wondering, do i need shoe trees for cordovan shoes? and if my boots are a size 8D in barrie last.. what size shoe trees should i be getting? S or M?
http://www.theshoemart.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=ALD_m_FD-45911H anyone know more info on this pair..? the price looks really tempting even though i just spent $600+ on a shell that havent arrived yet..
Hi guys, about to make some purchase for the conditioning of my upcoming first alden Cordovan boots. Is caring for a cordovan leather as simple as I read in the forums? Where all i need is a good horsehair brush and a cordovan cream for the cordovan leather? I do not need any other conditioners or saddle soap right? Right now thats what i have in my basket are a Saphir horsehair brush, and a Saphir Medaille D'Or Cordovan Cream Polish. If there is any thing else I need,...
hmm they do not stock the cordovan cream as well..
just purchased a pair burgundy cordovan captoe boots. Waiting for it to be shipped over And since this is my first cordovan pair of boots, need some advice on what i should do/buy to keep them lasting through out the years. I actually intend to buy some saphir cream for cordovan, but the only stockist i manage to find is http://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care/saphir-mdo.html and they charge a crazy amount, $100ish for international shipping for a small bottle. Besides...
http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-5-eyelet-boot-calf-skin-black/pvc-ald-mxsbd-4517h_ald_m_5_eyelet_boot_calf_skin.html or this http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-45625h-natural-chrome-excel/pvc-ald-mxsbc-45625h_ald_m_45625h.html what abt these? theylooks slim-ish in the pictures.. i cant tell if they fit small hems by the look of them.. how i tell?
I'm looking to get a pair of boots, preferably black, slim, about 5-6" high and of cause, good quality. I have about a $450 budget, and was looking at white's semi dress in CXL black. The only thing nagging me at the back of my head, is that I'm worried that the jeans i wear are rather slim with a 18-19cm hem and they wont go well with the White's SD as i believe they look rather clunky? I'm already planning for the NO celastic toe box version, its suppose to lower the...
Hi. Im looking for a new wallet, and this 2 pretty much catch my eyes. http://www.goodleather.co.jp/item/wa...BLACKLESS.html http://www.goodleather.co.jp/item/wallet/LC-WINGS.html I know they look identical, so wondering any of you guys, after seeing the pictures, or came across them first hand, care to explain to me what the difference between the 2 that commands a difference of 3000 yen ? Even the measurements of it is the same. hmmm
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