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yah sorry, its a inter-US shipment. Im abroad, but seller is sending item to my friend who is in US to send item to me. So is it normal for this "Express shipping to USA" to have no tracking until it reaches the state of recipient and another time when it is delivered?
Still not getting a tracking update, pmed seller, he says tracking will only update when it reaches destination country, and another time when its delivered.. Is there really such a delivery with such tracking behavior?
Hi, I recently purchased a pair of jeans off SuFu suparmarket. Upon finalizing the deal, I paid promptly and seller says he will ship them out today and update me with tracking. So I was ok with that, but 24hrs later, i still didnt receive a tracking number from him, so i PMed him again. I got a reply from him about 20 hrs that I will get shipping number after he gets back home. Time past, i waited, and i got the tracking number, but the thing is, using USPS website gives...
i got recieved my Jcrew #8 cordovan captoe boots a few days back. they are an absolute joy to wear. Just wondering, do i need shoe trees for cordovan shoes? and if my boots are a size 8D in barrie last.. what size shoe trees should i be getting? S or M? anyone know more info on this pair..? the price looks really tempting even though i just spent $600+ on a shell that havent arrived yet..
Hi guys, about to make some purchase for the conditioning of my upcoming first alden Cordovan boots. Is caring for a cordovan leather as simple as I read in the forums? Where all i need is a good horsehair brush and a cordovan cream for the cordovan leather? I do not need any other conditioners or saddle soap right? Right now thats what i have in my basket are a Saphir horsehair brush, and a Saphir Medaille D'Or Cordovan Cream Polish. If there is any thing else I need,...
hmm they do not stock the cordovan cream as well..
just purchased a pair burgundy cordovan captoe boots. Waiting for it to be shipped over And since this is my first cordovan pair of boots, need some advice on what i should do/buy to keep them lasting through out the years. I actually intend to buy some saphir cream for cordovan, but the only stockist i manage to find is and they charge a crazy amount, $100ish for international shipping for a small bottle. Besides... or this what abt these? theylooks slim-ish in the pictures.. i cant tell if they fit small hems by the look of them.. how i tell?
I'm looking to get a pair of boots, preferably black, slim, about 5-6" high and of cause, good quality. I have about a $450 budget, and was looking at white's semi dress in CXL black. The only thing nagging me at the back of my head, is that I'm worried that the jeans i wear are rather slim with a 18-19cm hem and they wont go well with the White's SD as i believe they look rather clunky? I'm already planning for the NO celastic toe box version, its suppose to lower the...
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