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hey guys, planning to order one. If im a 8D in Alden's barrie last, what size should i be going for? or i should just go through the tedious way of measuring my feet and filling up the form they gave me. Btw, what are the special requests that can be done? i read thru, one of them i found was ... not having the dayton stamp, anything else?
oh , am i too late for the seconds list? im a 8D in barrie.
hey where did u get ur PTB black in barrie? i got a #8 captoe from J.Crew last year, and i think i need my 2012 dosage of cordovan in black , PTB this time round
hey. planning to get some plain toe black cordovan boots in barrie/grant/plaza last, can someone point me in the direction of some online store that stocks them?
I'm satisfied with the fit, I dont feel any discomfort from tightness, the fit in the toebox is good, its fits snugly, i dont get any heel slips either.But then again, I'm inexperienced with how shoes should be fitted.So i do not know what are factors do i have to consider to actually call it a good fit.What are the other factors anyway if any?
Hmm so the rough out part is no big deal? it isnt a sign of the leather requiring some serious conditioning from drying out or something? I got these for about a month and its my first pair of cordovan, so still figuring out the do's and dont's or what is normal and what is not. Yep I don't really baby them that much, i treat them as normal shoes to the point i wear them to club, I'm not so sure if its such a good idea still with people stepping on them from time to...
There are some parts on my J.Crew #8 captoe I realized that are not normal. It is slightly rougher when I rub my fingers across them. They look like this and the crease on the boot on the left side of the picture inbetween the captoe and the laces. is this normal? I'm under the impression that cordovan will be smoooooooth throughout Also, through my wears I have accumulated some scars on them. It isnt the regular scruffs but a short thin cut through the leather. Is...
well... item havent arrived yet, it was sent to Honolulu instead. Seller says he have called up the post office to "fix this" and is going to demand a refund and refund me my shipping for my inconvenience. I'm thinking if this refund will make me lose the ability to do a case in paypal if at the end of the day i get scammed, either from not getting it , or item arrive not as stated. So tell me, if im thinking too much
so what did u do after realizing the color is different? i believe im facing the same issue u faced.Just that this is my first pair of shell boots, in #8, and got no idea what to do.
guys guys, i bought saphir's cordovan cream in cordovan color, its is supposed to be used on #8 color right? since the place i bought it from ( ) bracketed it as Burgundy. But upon polishing my #8 boots, they turn out brownish under the sunlight. Luckily, or unluckily i only have them polished on my right side's captoe. So what should i do? Should i remove it? or to continue...
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