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hmm thanks for the input.this makes buying the 4065 slightly harder, im too used to wrapping laces around the ankle.It will really be a dream come true if the blackbird milkman boots are once again in production. I did email blackbird if they are going to do another make up of it though, they said there wasnt any plans atm, and will contact me if they did.Alden of DC, is that the brick and mortar shop?
mmm thanks, looked at it, but pity i need something sleeker than a trub.At least a barrie, looked at the AF60, but im a Size 8.5D, and they ran out of it
looking for pair of black plain toe boots in cordovan still... anyone knows where i can get? Alternatively I'm looking at the since its the closest to a PTB that i can find. But a quick question, with no speedhooks, and just all eyelets, can i use the "tie around the ankle" method for the shoe laces ?
anyone own a pair of these?|CallType=Product&prodId=L96002&season=sale&gender=men&group=shoes&des=L96&cat=&seasProdID=55I Im trying to look for a pair of sleek/slim, lowprofile toebox pair of boots thats doesnt have a high shaft and came across this, any comments on the construction of Shoto boots, and how is the sizing like if i wear a 8D in Alden's Barrie last? Or any recommendations for other pair of boots thats is...
need some help on sizing, if im a 8D in barrie last, what size will i be in the grant and plaza last?
oh, forgot to mention, i will prefer if its not of trubulance last... abit too wide for my liking. thanks though
im still looking for a pair of black PTB boots in shell.. a headsup if anyone know wheres i can get one in 8D
i read it once a year ago when everybody was having long wait issues. But a year later, im thinking things are stabilized and there wont be such issues. Unless... within the year, more things came up with dayton?
hmmm.. im not a local, guess i will try my luck,and try to get them to send picures of boots before sending it out or something.. besides that, the long 1 year was due to the overwhelming response during the discount period yes?
hahaha.. why not? is it the wait or something else i should know?
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