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I'm thinking of getting the service boot as well, but need help on sizing, If I'm a 8.5D in alden barrie, and 9.5D in alden Grant last. What should I be getting?
Will be in tokyo for the next few days, Trying to replace my wildswans wallet with another Japanese made cordovan but wild swans current range do not have. What other brands can I look out for in tokyo?
hey guys... i have a pair of alden cordovan boots, that somehow over the years , i felt they become slightly tighter - might be my feet just gotten fat, since i'm already past the growing stage. haha I would really like to be able to continue wearing this pair of boots, instead of finding another #8 boots that is half size bigger than my current. So is there any way I can go about to slightly change the size of the boot bigger? Any one have any success stories to share?...
hey... i'm thinking of doing an restoration on my jcrew aldens, but im not from the states. How or who do i contact for this?
Link to ebay here - Item is located in Singapore. Will ship ASAP after receiving payment. shoe trees/box not included.
mmm my start out here was due to raw jeans, and as times goes by, people's needs and wants changes, and now its on to "Classic Menswear"
Hi guys, I have just finished the studying phase of my life and about to move on to work life - in the finance sector. Need some advice on what brands/types/color/style of shoes i should be getting that are of decent price and quality, hopefully around the $150-$250 range. The closest pair of shoes I have that are near to formal setting are my Alden's boots, JCrew #8 captoe, and theshoemart's Alden 4065 in black, plaza last.
are the shoes trees required for boots? my TSM 4065 just arrived, was thinking if i need one of those since i will have a pair to rotate wearing now. And if the shoes i have are the jcrew #8 captoe in barrie 8D, and TSM 4065 in 9D.. What size shoe trees should i be getting? a link to where i can get them cheaply will be great too.
not sure if here is the right place to ask this question, but its related to leather jackets.. Anyway, I bought a leather "Lad Musician" jacket made of calf leather last year, i only brought it out once for a holiday trip shortly after buying it. I dont wear it often, only when occasion calls as i live in a perpetually summer country. Ever since then it been hanging around in my wardrobe, do i need to take it out to condition it with leather products? I happen to have...
Very tempted to make a plunge for the 4065 black cordovan captoe boots from theshoemart... But if I'm a 8.5d Barrie, do I go for the same size or 9 as this pair is in the grant last
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