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Hey this is quite OT, but does anyone have a slight annoyance with JCrew flat front chinos? I got a pair of slim fit essentials and a pair of slim broken-in chinos a few months ago, and even after several wearings they tend to crease flatly on the seams. This makes the bottom cuff have a boxy feel which makes it annoying when I walk because they get caught up on my shoes. I use softener, heat dry them, and fold them long wise (to make a front crease) to no avail. No, this...
All of the posts above have good advice. Just hang around and read the threads and you will soon have a mind for personal style. I am 19 and in college, so only about 2 years removed from high school. Most of the guys in high school don't know anything about real style, but no one really expects them to. That is why it's refreshing for kids like us to start dressing well. Since you're in high school, your age automatically gives you a free pass to dress for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley pharmacy retail you're looking at about 80-90K in california. There are several, but few relatively, pharmacy programs straight from high school (undergrad/phrmacy degree - USC, Univ. of Pacific). I think it is sort of a waste to do 4 years undergrad then go another 4 years for pharmacy, if you could have done it in 4. 8 years for a pharmacy degree, and you're still not making over $100k? Money is good, but not...
I like the Yaris (4 door). Cheap, reliable brand, great gas, etc. Even looks cool IMO
I'm into east coast style, so I like clothing staples from affordable American brands like Levis, LL Bean, Land's End, and Nikes (retro running shoes). Best mall brand is J. Crew, especially on sale and student discount. Gap for simple items like basic Ts, scarves, socks, and underwear. Those two are really the only places I shop at. I don't have a HM, Zara, or Uniqlo in my area, but they look pretty good for the price.
No Sperry Billfish and Croakies (most prevalent in the south)
Essential Chino, Slim Fit Khakis, Regular Fit Pants, and Button Down Shirt from J. Crew for ~$60 (bought from their Fall sale, with my additional student discount)
I've seem tasseled loafers make a come back at college, but only among the "prep" crowd. I think it's a nice look.
I can look into getting a slim suit or something more formal from my closet. My gf did say that the norm was khakis, but overdressed is better than under I suppose. Thanks. But I still like the Rugby chinos for casual use. Can anyone make a comment on them?
My girlfriend's sorority is holding a (very semi) formal dance and I decided to finally use an old $50 gift certificate to the new Rugby online store (live in NC, and they closed the Chapel Hill location before I could stop by.) I am thinking of purchasing either the stone wash or khaki colored University Chino for the dance. Does anyone know how the fitting is? Do they fit like RL pants? How slim are they? Also, please give some opinions on my outfit: along with the...
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