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I'm Asian, and the only way I found to get around the "sticking straight up" curse with short hair is to get #2 on the sides and hand-cut to a little over an #8 on the top. When freshly cut, this looks pretty good on its own, but to style it I wear a baseball cap right after I take a shower. After about 15min of letting the hair "mold" in the cap, the top flattens out like the type of style that many white guys can do with ease. Or you can use product, but I like my hair...
I have alot of items from JCrew. It's the only mall brand that I like. Just like what many have said, buy stuff on sale (and there is an extra discount for students and teachers).
Very nice suit. Where did you get it? (As a student, I'm also on the hunt for new suits)
To answer the Op, I think it also depends on the college or location. I attend a university in the south, where "Southern Prep" is common. This involves OCBDs, polos, chinos, and loafers or boat shoes . Shirt may be tucked in. This isn't necessarily as fancy as a suit, but its more dressed up than your AF boys.
A little OT, but does anyone's JCrew chinos seem really stiff, even after softener and heat? I bought a pair of slim broken-in pants and slim essential chinos last October, and they crease on the sides (assuming because of the inseams) so much that it makes them bothersome to walk in, since the cuff always seems to ride up on my shoes. I try to fold them or iron them "sideways", so that there is a front crease, but to no avail. Other than that, I love JCrew and its the...
Had my very first successful hunt at a Goodwill today. Surprising actually, since I live in a suburb of a small city with less than affluent neighborhoods. 1) Brooks Brothers OCBD, made in USA 2) Sears Roebuck Co. OCBD, made in USA, "fitted"...(fits amazing: high armholes, no extra side fabric) 3) Anderson-Little Blue Blazer...looks almost new and needs no alterations All for $15.77
I don't have a Syms around, but did stop by JosABank this past weekend. They had a sale with the cheapest suits going for $200, but they didn't have my pants size nor did I like the cut and style. Same with Macys and Belk. Unfortunately, time is not on my side to keep searching so I went ahead and bought the Target suit a few moments ago. It should arrive in 4-5 business days, and that may be enough time to stop by the tailor if I need to make any alterations. Thanks...
That does look very nice, but unfortunately they don't have my pants or jacket size in Sharkskin. Would you say that the Merona premium wool suits fit exactly like the one in your picture?
Need advise please. Pharmacy school interview in less than two weeks and a sorority formal in a month. Looking to buy my first suit on a college budget. Would like a "60s Mad Men/Take Ivy" style with slim lapels and 2 buttons. I do not have an H&M, Zara, etc. near me so am looking online. (And staying away from MensWarehouse like a good little Noob SFer) What do you think of Target Merona? http://www.target.com/Merona-Premium...ank&rh=&page=2 On sale for $110 and free...
I too my girlfriend to the planetarium for Vday. Great alternative to the movies and pretty cheap.
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