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$5.00 GIFT CODE....NO CATCH !!!!! Today only (Wednesday, Feb.11th) We are giving everyone $5.00 towards whatever they want on www.Keepitclassic.com by entering coupon code GIVEME5 at checkout. NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED. Coupon code will expire at midnight tonight.
All SCIFEN & DISSIZIT on Keepitclassic.com has been marked down. Get 15% off the marked down price (50% off total) with coupon code VIP2009 . Sizes and stock is limited. SCIFEN LINK http://www.keepitclassic.com/scifen.html DISSIZIT LINK http://www.keepitclassic.com/dissizit.html
Quote: Originally Posted by TrailofTears Regardless of whether this thread was hijacked, crapped on, temporarily illegal, etc., it is now just blatant abuse of the kindness of the moderators. This forum (subforum) is not a place for some website to advertise day in and day out under the guise of a "one day only" coupon. This guy bumps his thread endlessly for days on end, while legitimate B&S sales fall down the list. its not a different...
We extended the coupon code for 2 days. Today & Tomorrow (Jan. 29 - 30) get 40% off all orders on www.Keepitclassic.com by entering coupon code KIC40 at checkout. Coupon code is even good for items on clearance. Code will expire at midnight on Friday night.
Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz umm..Thanks for the coupon code ? =\\ I know it must have gotten lost over this heated battle...lol the code is KIC40 . It is good till midnight tonight for 40% off everything (even clearance items) on www.keepitclassic.com
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix 1. The OP is right, you can trace hits from "previous link" so even if it's not a banner ad he can see if they came DIRECTLY from SF. It's not an accurate measure of "leads vs orders" but it's a traffic estimate. 2. Shipping could be considered on the high side but it's also flat rate. $8.50 for a watch, $8.50 for a heavy coat. I don't think it's practical but whatevs. 3. There are thousands of silent SF...
I will savor the victory because I am sure I will lose other arguments....lol
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep O RLY? Do you check to see if the zip code matches styleforum.net? Or do you have a system where people must declare any internet forum affiliations when making a purchase? no, not at all. Keepitclassic is a yahoo store and on each order it says where they clicked through to get to our site. Example, it will say if they came from a link on the hypebeast forum or a banner we posted on...
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven He means the forum as a whole. Not many people are interested in the clothing you are providing (not to say that it is bad, you are just marketing to the wrong demographic). The people who frequent SF are not ones partial to graphic tee's or any other flamboyant articles of clothing. Sorry, but you wont garner much success in here. I wouldnt say much...but I would say some. We track where orders...
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