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???? dries stockists don't move on... many stores would immolate themselves to carry dries. you can find dries men's in nyc at barney's, jeffrey, opening ceremony, if and after next saturday at totokaelo. guys am I forgetting any?
that coat doesn't even look good on that guy. that's a very interesting and seldom heard weird body image anxiety thing you've got going on there. if anything I think if you have broad sloping shoulders go ahead and accentuate them, better to look masculine and burly then have a straight up and down ladyboy silhouette.
Typographic prints can be awesome, they can also be dumb. Just depends. I like the underlayers in those Prorsum runway looks, looks like the cover of a book? Cool idea. Less a fan of the gigantic cursive but it achieves a fun effect. I don't think Dries was an unbelievable disaster. Lots of very strong looks and individual pieces...that being said I know the Marilyn and lobster stuff is going to be fashion victim de rigeur. Gonna be seeing alot of that shit. le sigh. I...
Margiela SS16 was straight fire...looks like the OG shit. I wonder who is working on it.
Jacket looks a little small to me, though it's hard to tell from your photos. Sleeve length looks about right but it seems a bit closer than I think it ideally should in the shoulders chest and body. It's true that styling it different/going for a look more aligned with what lemaire does will help, but there's no reason that that jacket shouldn't work with the outfit in the pictures above. hard to say if a size bigger would be better of if you're kind of inbetween sizes...
patrik ervell standard t's are p4p best t-shirts around. beefy fabric, boxy cut.
think both fok and B!CD are right here...Lemaire's philosophy and what Uniqlo does sort of align in a way, but at the end of the day Christophe also understands that the business behind Uniqlo is a very different beast than his own. Having said that, most of the NY based designers I know love Uniqlo for the same simple reason(s): they produce great basics that are readily available, this also means cheap. The super ego wants to care about where and how the garments are...
sad to see.
Brand new from the Webstore with a discount. Awesome oversized t in super soft and beefy double sided cotton jersey. Wish all of my t-shirts were made out of this material. New PE logo on front and huge on back side. Fit is very cool and oversized, easy to wear but a bit of a statement. Pics soon.
New from the Webstore, purchased with a discount code...super soft and beefy double sided cotton jersey. Would definitely keep but have too many things in my closet. Fit is nice and relaxed up top but tapers down at the bottom for an athletic look. Slightly high classic PE neck line. Can roll up sleeves to show grey on reverse side of fabric. Super cool and fun easy piece. Pics soon.
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