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codes not working for me
30 off
whoa pretty epic about other shop sponsoring this...may poast...
had a dream that I was accosted by a coked out bearded war vet in a flightsuit on Howard street I think he was muttering about the Ervell sale starting on Friday...too weird
it's closer to fw13, eg not 2 sizes too small, size up 1 form your normal suiting size in most cases I'd say
pretty cool interview from the oc blog : http://openingceremony.us/entry.asp?pid=9563
anyone try one of those peir wu ts? interesting blend
would you guys really buy the sailing coat? how much would you be willing to pay? part of the problem is that those pieces also end up having to be expensive
^right, eg, little boutique in london that maybe ships a handful of packages to the US a week is not going to be able to do it with any kind of freight discount that you would see from a larger company. also many (bigger) online stores fake this and eat the difference but for some that's out of the question. international shipping is a premium service. especially doing it with luxury goods. anyway. very cool feature from other shop and our legacy, looking forward to more...
try to be less of a dick to people who are trying to provide you a premium service at a loss.
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