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@grintricha ^ you should do it dude. I haven't seen OS in a minute and that jacket looks alright, but the color is nice. brown is always a hard sell and it bums me out because it's such a great and versatile color..it's been a bit more popular lately but I think consumers and designers still hesitate to use it.
^ eh, I don't think Todd Snyder would accept being called only gym wear, which would be a fair point except that parts of the fashion media circus treat him like a real designer; he does sell and show a full rtw collection and do a runway show etc...He's also very successful, so kudos to him for giving people what they want, I just think to quote a certain designer recently his brand is contributing to the 'broification' of fashion. glad you dig the garments though. I...
is there an official oversized clothes thread? maybe i need to start one
nah, I wouldn't align MB with CM at all. it's really just super cheezy clothes for white dudes, but isn't traditional men's tailoring, it's pretty squarely pseudo designer contemporary men's fashion. I like a lot of CM clothing and I even appreciate some of the mentality in that community, it's beautiful, (if at times a bit stodgy). it's ironic that you are defending Bastian, a CFDA prop up hack with an ongoing Uniqlo collaboration, and deriding kanye for fashion critics...
booogreat fit nn, only thing i'd say is go no belt for pure slop steeze
I'd argue things that fit in an oversized way can and do flatter the body. Sure, sometimes the outfit can overtake the person; of course the same effect can happen with more fitted clothing, though I suppose since we are more accustomed to things that aren't dramatically oversized you could argue that might happen less frequently. I don't really think it can be quantified though...in fact I'd say lots of people on this forum wear fitted clothes that are pretty unnatural...
^ it's increasingly rare to hear this perspective but I'd love to understand; what do you think makes clothes that fit closer to the body inherently better or more preferable to those that don't?
@goldentribe there is an endless quantity of 'nice' clothing in the world. I like fashion to at least try to say something, what Michael Bastian says is of no interest to me and is frankly pretty gross. the kanye collection has some kind of fun outerwear pieces; kind of like Geller x Raf with a different application of textiles...
@fistinyoface haha I totally forgot about that. it's true that I'm a fan of his persona and his music...do I think he's a good fashion designer? Not at all. But again, I like the ideas in this collection more than I like the ideas behind Todd Snyder et al. I guess you could try to argue that he's just 'parroting' or rehashing other stuff but I again, not the worst stuff to be rehashing.
I actually don't think it's that bad apart from the spanx stuff. In fact I actually think people here would like it if it were a noname designer. It's not really that much more Raf derivative than anything else these days (and probably less so than a brand like Komakino which basically just exists as Raf homage). I'd rather have this in the public conscious a thousand times over fucking Todd Snyder or Michael Kors or Michael Bastian.
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