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I like a lot of that margiela show...not sure about half and half pants. ervell parachute stuff ripped off.mm mmm mm [[SPOILER]] anyone know the model in the look with the yellow trench?
NY fashion week is in September. maybe one day patty will show in europe.
lol at damir.
wow so do you guys think this strappy bracer bondage thing is going to be real? like am I going to see dudes on howard street with strappy leather things waiting to be shot by the sartorialist
hid yo kids hide yo wife. 50 off
I think that conceptually it's a pretty questionable, almost child-like move, to just basically stick pictures, basically about yourself, on to things and collage garments like that. Maybe that is sort of interesting though. I do actually think it's kind of fun and cool even if it doesn't make sense. I actually do think some of the garments look good. I dunno.
I see what you're getting at but to me Dries is refined and tasteful, even in the sort of far afield kimono-y no shirt high shine womenswear-y fabric looks above...on the other hand Hackerman is pretty unabashedly gaudy and almost kitschy. I think it is very very hard, probably impossible, to be a designer and not produce clothes for market with a market ready mentality. These companies are businesses at the end of the day, most of them with very high overhead and...
less volatile and perhaps a bit more market ready than fw14 and ss14. same wheelhouse though. into it. fun to see him in a sterling ruby shirt and shorts at the end.
I think fw14 was better but I like it too
I think most of the looks in that hackerman collection are pretty gross. there are some nice things but mostly it's like hackeramn for russel brand / johnny depp
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