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re occulta: no re maze: nothing else is really like them except maybe Our Legacy jeans which aren't that much cheaper and to me, their washes aren't quite as nice. I think they're pretty worth it, they're the best pre-washed jeans I've found. they are very substantial though, like actually slightly too thick for current new york weather in the mid to high 80s with a ton of humidity. ugh. although I know some people who wear them 24/7. they are addictive.
I'd go Large.
nicely done slack! one of the bigger collections I've seen.
i think when most people say stuff here they're going by what moves and what sits on the sale rack at 60, 70 80 off etc...
at least on Howard street it seems like every other tall skinny asian dude and every third swagd out fuccboi is wearing raf simons. probably not a good indicator for the rest of the world. rarely see damir in the wild.
Sebastien Meunier has actually been head of men's since 2010 I believe, of course then there was the auspice of Ann's supervision but I think he was basically running the show for a while.
that's weird, they had a decent chunk for a while. hard to believe it all sold. did you ask them or you couldn't find it?
in this thread: people that don't understand how clothing companies figure out their pricing you can't really make a t-shirt cost less than 50 dollars and make any kind of margin, unless it's actually mass produced in enormous quantities, using cheap fabric. That's just how it works.
half of it just looks like APC, other half is actually pretty cool. would like to see biker pants, bomber, army pants and swiss parka in person.
Yes, Coppens, Geller and Ervell are probably the only ones anyone cares about in New York. Actually I like Billy Reid's shows too.
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