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thanks for the heads up p4, looks like cool stuff. has ames done menswear before? I enjoy Damir Doma clothes whenever I see them. The things that make it to stores are always pretty well made and very beautiful in person. I've almost bought things on a number of occasions. That being said his shows are incredibly inconsistent, not that that is any way to judge a designer necessarily. I think in a way there are some shared ideas about proportions and silhouettes and a sort...
lemaire is closer to yohji than damir. damir is pretty much directionless fashion flotsam at this point. started out with tassles and drapery then went dark luxe giant proportion crazy and seems to be just sort of pinging back and forth around that region. I mean I don't blame him for jumping ship on that early territory as I think it's pretty well expired but he seems to have lost much semblance of identity aside from a few long band collar shirts, sarouel pants and...
shocked re lemaire hate. his silhouettes are so beautiful...his fabrics are so good... I guess if you're not into oversized stuff then alright but...
are you kidding meexplain yourselfI think what regis described sounds pretty amazing. if you live in a cold climate you could probably just double this with cold weather options.my closet is kind of maximalist though. pretty tough time culling it...I'm also real lazy about selling stuff. the upside is that I do wear most of it. I have also sort of begun...collecting...
http://blogs.nordstrom.com/men/pop-in-at-nordstrom-heartbreakers-club-studio-visit-olivia-kim-patrik-ervell/ just found this gem, pretty hilarious
congrats guys, very cool. can I see this at DSM NY yet?
I think with veilance it's more fashiony; the patterns are weird and construction is super minimal and impressive. it feels futuristic aesthetically speaking.
never field tested veilance stuff but arcteryx pretty trustworthy. if you want the most hardcore stuff check out artcteryx leaf.
really you need a 4? Like you tried on a 2 and 3 and they were too small? aren't you a normal medium sized asian dude? seems crazy
will be there.
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