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dimple happens when there's too much ease in the shoulder seam, can also be in issue with certain fabrics or padding.
kopp the reverse cut it up and turn it inside out don't worry other stores got it
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152290805459725 all colorways online, fun little vid ^
interesting, didn't know that. anyone know where the Ann D ones are actually made? I would imagine they don't work with cheap factories or cheap fabrics for this kind of thing. so TLDR : maybe yes those should cost 1300?
who knows how much it actually costs Ann D to produce that hat. but if the cost of the fabric and production on the hat were around 300 bucks it would make sense for it to be that expensive. hard to imagine given that I'm sure they were produced in not super low quantities. but it least you can imagine that the factory workers responsible for putting those things together are getting paid. ostensibly. *edit woops assumed Lanvin, actually Ann D
they're there.
sample items are all mediums and 32s. sometimes int the sampling process things come out a little smaller or a little bigger than intended. there will be older deadstock stuff too...
people have reported 40% off retail do not know how to do math. everything is at 60% off retail or more. some things gets cut as the weekend goes. more importantly, the best thing about the sample sales is seeing all of the stuff at once, you begin to understand the ideas behind the brand a little better. also runway samples, prototypes, weir done offs and things that didn't make it into the full collection are all available. lots of treasures. I've found many of my...
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