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^ really? I sometimes need a large but never experienced tiny biceps with ghesquiere or wang era balenciaga. then again I'm not looking at it very often.
hi jenn! lol
also i like vetements, I'm also the guy that was defending Vfiles a few weeks ago so there you go. I definitely feel like you guys sometimes get a little silly about the whole 'rehashing' thing, it's clothes, everyone copies everything and there isn't that much that can really be done at the end of the day. that doesn't really invalidate the work itself. on the flip side there also aren't that many voices. I'm very happy to have one like Vetements in the mix. the hype is...
based on my impression it's not really for you, he owns his fabric mills and develops his own textiles so he'll do some interesting things with yarn dying and stripes and plaid placement. some some unusual construction details, unfinished canvasing etc. mostly too slim for your tastes, though he'll occasionally do barn coats and chore coats I could see you appreciating. he has a sense of humor. the clothes can be playful but i think people here tend toward the simple dark...
no, only giant brands like supreme or carhartt wip are three seasons ahead. most little designers are working on FW16 right now.
http://www.npr.org/2015/09/30/444234375/first-listen-protomartyr-the-agent-intellect this shit rips
the quality is not that bad guys, it just feels like uniqlo. it's totally fine but it's not gonna make you go wow!
got the collarless shirt in L, I think it's perfect. cav I think you're usually a small? so if you want it to look nice and oversized do M, tts for a just slightly relaxed but fitted look. I think the shawl blazer is awesome but I could see how someone with less than ideal proportions could find it less flattering. It's a little more advanced, it is a round shape with round details so it's not going to make you look taller or skinnier.
^i agree, this is better than cack on the runway. love u rick. will never ever buy or wear your clothes but keep doin u bb.
i grabbed (and returned) the wool cash blend trousers with the waist cinch detail for the hell of it. I can see why they opted for this cut. It's actually probably a good inbetween for guys here that aren't ready to go for a dramatic shape or full on wide leg. They're pretty tapered below the knee but there' just a bit of extra room in the thigh so that you notice a tiny bit. If you have bigger thighs they may fit you like regular slim trousers. Nice details and wool...
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