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natan, I actually make these DIY by buying polos (I like Muji) and cutting the collars off myself. It's super easy and surprisingly effective. Patrik Ervell SS15 will have a pretty sick bomber collar polo.
unless you're super tiny in the chest/shoulder you're good with a small. fits slightly oversized.
it is a bit shitty when a smaller designer is preyed upon by a massive company but at the end of the day everyone borrows or steals from one another. there also really isn't that much to be done in menswear in particular... I don't think the vast majority of small to medium sized fashion companies really care about this kind of stuff. everyone shows very similar collections anyway. and zara is mostly terrible because the clothes are made to disintegrate rapidly and...
ckc actually makes some beautiful knits, on par with jil dries etc
apparently name is uniqlo being assholes, poor pbj guys were like "we don't know why they did this" billy reid ss15 under the radar amazing
those both look terrible. skyenom that's awesome. looks empty. anything weird/interesting? pure blue japan uniqlo stuff was pretty cool. gonna go back today and buy the jacket, a tee and maybe the tapered jeans.
anybody check out the pure blue japan uniqlo stuff yet? looks pretty cool. gonna walk over there in a bit.
really nice shape on that coat. what's the fabric like? looks like some kind of weird dobby/jacquard
PH coat on you givin me petit prince vibes nicelynice
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