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redacted to not make sweetjesus feel bad. hope you like your cap man. peacoats are super nice this season, as is the shirt jacket in the matching fabric. need one for myself...
hoodies fit slim and I'd say small, size up one unless you went a high armhole super fitted look which I think is kinda gross but I know a lot of you guys are still stuck in 2007.. bombers fit big, and you can safely size down here if you want a slim/regular fit. Intended fit is oversized. i'd go tts.
reedo, best cheap option that's not black timbs is classic black blundstone chelseas. this is what most people in nyc wear. only issue is that they're not insulated so when it gets really cold you need to wear thermals/double socks or heat tech otherwise your feet feel wet even though they're super waterproof. they're great though.
those are webstore exclusive pro tip: the webstore actually uploads images in super high quality but the shitty website coding output only displays them in a pretty small format. you can actually command + zoom in on your browser and get super close. you can also right click and open the image in a new tab.
yeah I'd go minimal and not MC fanciful
^the problem with this is production cost, basically the person would have to be the factory / own the means of production in this case, otherwise it just gets way too expensive. also people that are really paying for $1250 m-65 jackets usually don't give any fucks about MTM, usually they want something and they want it immediately with as little hassle as possible. or they're already getting their bespoke suit made by some old italian guy.
natan, I actually make these DIY by buying polos (I like Muji) and cutting the collars off myself. It's super easy and surprisingly effective. Patrik Ervell SS15 will have a pretty sick bomber collar polo.
unless you're super tiny in the chest/shoulder you're good with a small. fits slightly oversized.
it is a bit shitty when a smaller designer is preyed upon by a massive company but at the end of the day everyone borrows or steals from one another. there also really isn't that much to be done in menswear in particular... I don't think the vast majority of small to medium sized fashion companies really care about this kind of stuff. everyone shows very similar collections anyway. and zara is mostly terrible because the clothes are made to disintegrate rapidly and...
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