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I know the website says it's only at the 34th street store but doesn anyone know if the UniqloU stuff is at Prince street? It's down the block from my work, I should just go see...
I'm a muji t stalwart but they do shrink. Was buying L for a while as a true medium and now I'm finding I prefer XL. After a wash the L basically turns into a medium. eh. I go for the organic ones, they feel slightly nicer to me. possibly projected.
thanks for inviting me to do this dudes, fun times
This is relatively rare and is one of the best fabrications produced...don't sleep kids
fuck hedi slimane but I love this shit
lol at the dude who thinks the OL collection is bad...i'd say this is easily the best one yet, though I think SS16 is just is good, possibly better? hard to say.
weird. I guess maybe it makes sense if you don't live in a major city, but for me i think most of the fun in looking at clothes these days is looking at second hand and vintage and looking at unexpected labels.
those cole haan boots seem good in theory but that leather looks like caca and the proportions are off. would be interested to see in person, maybe I'll swing by the soho store.
eh sorry, not really directed at you, i'm just railling against the anti-graphic/logo/branding sentiment.already posted in music thread but guys: go listen to this new protomartyr album.
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