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^nice choice, similarly I like the doc martens 3989 as a slightly chunkier alternative to the postmans. but the postmans are really great and super versatile. don't mind the shine (it's not so so glossy but I think it's nice actually) and I also do like how they look beat up. may want to use shoe trees though if the wrinknling bothers you. I don't.
no, i own them.
hm not sure what those were but I think you could find something like that pretty easily.
not sure what "all-black deck's" means but no shoes were ever put into production except for a tiny run of the Aldo Rise aqua sock sneaker boot things from fw13, sold at a few Aldo stores apparently/supposedly. Ervell webstore never had stock of any except in size 11/12 from the runway show.fw14 runway shows were in-house modified red wing postmans.
nice one KVC, mind taking some better pictures? would also love to see a fit pic. any indication on the garment of season? I think the stamp label started around 07 or 08 so it's pre that I guess
that runway piece (the sailing coat) was not produced for retail
looks like some secret colorways have been added to the webstore...
air jacket hasn't been produced since that collection, you'll just have to hunt on ebay/classifieds dude. maybe they'll bring it back...
dimple happens when there's too much ease in the shoulder seam, can also be in issue with certain fabrics or padding.
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