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PH coat on you givin me petit prince vibes nicelynice
those are pretty clearly the medium wash. they do look slightly lighter than the webstore pics though.
oversized peacoat is pretty fucking cool. i gather that's not your thing though...and it certainly isn't cheap
post pics? what did you order/what did the tags say?
kapital is pretty under the radar round these parts but a lot of it is sooooo good.
TTS for sure. I'll give you guys a list of faves once stuff starts to arrive in stores in NYC and I can play with stuff that's around...
that's fucking awesome. sell one keep the other.
yes, it's amazing. It's not boxy at all though, to me. I'd say it's a pretty straight down the middle, slim regular fit. closest comparison to the new version is the fw13 leather aviator, that one is still pretty different from your ss12 version though. back then everything was so weirdly tiny and oddly proportioned, shoulders and front/back pieces weren't balanced correctly etc. new version competes with TOJ imo and is kind of more interesting.
lol no, Steiff is a very well knnown and well regarded mill..they are used by tons of luxury brands, and they made teddy bears for the Austrian aristocracy decades ago.I really like the a kind of guise stuff I've seen, glad to see them growing. sort of a terrible brand name though, always makes me think of that dude here who used to buy tons of lanvin and post his barneys receipts...what was his name?
They're both very nice, that's why they're basically the most popular thing PE make and what people associate with the brand more than anything else, sadly. The cotton version has a smoother hand and is a solid spring weight, but won't keep you terribly warm when it gets really cold. But I think you live in Brazil no? I'm sure you've encountered some alpaca before...it's a hairy fiber, and it's extremely warm. If you are sensitive to wools, I wouldn't wear it without a...
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