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seconding this for all the fashion industry homies holding it down in nyc who feel the same. solidarity.
hey sweetjesus did you ever get that haul? how'd it go?
20% off Ervell webstore with code PRIVATE20, ends tomorrow night
try the small, looks better oversized.
only medium medic coats left, those things are good. love my standard t shirts, wish I had a closet full of them.
30 off outerwear with OUTERWEAR30 code, get to koppin boys
actually not many brands make exactly what you're looking for. the ones lemaire did last season are close, but somehow I was weirdly in between sizes in the waist. actually best to buy something vintage or second hand and take them to a tailor you trust and have him make them how you want. there are a lot of ways to go about it but the best is to find something vintage with a lot of volume and have your tailor add the taper. you could also buy something like uniqlo in a...
anybody know what the mens selection is like at alchemist in miami? also what's at the webster these days?
tailors don't give a shit about your numbers. they don't work that way. you need to pin it exactly where you want and say "here". that's really the only way. also I doubt you can tell the different between 7.25 and 7.
code is PRIVATE30 was posted in sales alert thread. pocket sweaters are big this season, not sure where you guys are looking or getting measurements...
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