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lol at the dude who thinks the OL collection is bad...i'd say this is easily the best one yet, though I think SS16 is just is good, possibly better? hard to say.
weird. I guess maybe it makes sense if you don't live in a major city, but for me i think most of the fun in looking at clothes these days is looking at second hand and vintage and looking at unexpected labels.
those cole haan boots seem good in theory but that leather looks like caca and the proportions are off. would be interested to see in person, maybe I'll swing by the soho store.
eh sorry, not really directed at you, i'm just railling against the anti-graphic/logo/branding sentiment.already posted in music thread but guys: go listen to this new protomartyr album.
still not sure where you guys are finding all this seriousness and pretension in this brand. the brand is mostly presenting pretty simple garments but I think there are a lot of fun ideas at play. i dunno try tapping through a show; a lot of the looks are 2 pieces, simple tops and pants with weird proportions or weird details. that doesn't seem like pretension to me. that seems like a pretty direct presentation of clear ideas. do you guys think the collar embroidery...
^heh the undercover one is almost certainly a nicer garment, as an idea i think the vetements thing is more fun. would rather wear the vetements, though maybe that's because it strikes me as more masculine. re pangolin, sure that's totally true and bless is amazing, but despite those sort of conceptual or formal things they have in common, it's a very different feeling and aesthetic. I don't think they end up really achieving the same things either actually. bless seems...
what do you mean?
here's where i think we disagree; i think vetements has a great sense of humor and can be really clever.i think the 'collar' turtleneck is amazing. it's not only great marketing/merchandising, it's also a little semiotic game.i also like the branding and how 'overtly commercial' it is. there's no pretense, it's just doing it's thing. the idea that fashion brands are somehow like subversive little islands divorced from the need to make money and establish brand cache is...
what's called a convertible collar, is like a camp style shirt where you can wear it with the top button open and the placket has turnback that creates a lapel or you can wear the top button closed and it cuts straight across. usually where the top button is or the button placket is slightly offset so that when the top is closed (often with a loop at the highest button set back) you get a clean square look versus open the placket turns back and creates a little lapel...
^ really? I sometimes need a large but never experienced tiny biceps with ghesquiere or wang era balenciaga. then again I'm not looking at it very often.
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