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I always wanted a pair of W+H sneakers, but shit I can't do white soles anymore
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Nike/Jordan sizing is pretty small so I would suggest sizing up at least one. I wear a 42 in Margiela, which is a US9 but I wear a US10 in most Nikes/Jordans. Am I retarded or is that sizing down? I guess it depends on where you're coming from and I guess you're going from Margiela to Nike?
thanks, but I plan on showing the strap, he's doing it wrong lulz And RFX since you wear nikes too, I was wondering if the sizing was congruent. I reviewed the sizing matrix and it says that an 11 is a lil over 30 cm I believe and my huaraches are a lil over 30 cm and fit great but are size ten. The only other european shoes I bought were a size 11 (EU 44) and fit great so I guess 44 would be good? I haven't been to a store here that sells margiela sneaks so I'm kinda...
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello BrizaBirch has posted some fits with them Thanks for that I found one post with him wearing them, didn't feel like scrolling through all his posts or searching the smarter way lol Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Why would I be offended? It was a joke, I was looking at earlier pages and it seemed you had a love-hate thing with usher
Anybody own a pair of these or have fit pics of any one (besides Usher, no offense RFX) wearing these?
Perhaps second or third dibs on margielas please
So the SExI04 stretched out or is that a misprint?
Quote: Originally Posted by Racove is it just me, or do these not look green or even greenish at all? can someone explain Yeah I guess it is hard to capture the green especially against a bluish-green background. However true-to-life color is actually green and you'll definitely notice it. I need those pair back again and will get them if I ever find my size. Buy a pair with at least an extra 2-3 inches in length (I stepped on the ends...
Here are some pics of when I sold mine. . .I bought a 34/32 when I need a 34x34. THey were nice jeans though.
Quote: Originally Posted by gabby11303 Nice fit. What size are they? I'm gonna guess it was that 32 I slept on. . .
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