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I recently saw an E-bay auction for a Barbera coat. The seller claimed that Attolini was the manufacturer as evidenced by an internal tag marked 'Grilux SpA', which was stated to be Attolini's distributor. My Barbera suit has this tag as well but I have no idea whether or not the seller is correct as to the manufacturer.
André Benjamin is still ahead of the pack by about a mile.
Please do make some grenadine ties. They are becoming very difficult to find. Ben Silver no longer carries them. J. Press in NYC only had a few left when I called last month. Many men's stores I have contacted don't even know what the term means and believe that I am asking for a tie the color of grenadine syrup. It is beginning to look like you have to order one from England to obtain a decent one. I would mostly echo the previous color suggestions: black, silver,...
C.C.I.A.A. NAPOLI 495876 Where is the RN # to be found? I looked all over but didn't find anything that resembled a format like this.
I just picked up a nice, new grey Collezione Sartoriale from ebay so I'm interested in this as well. Can anything be discovered from the product codes on the tag?
My limited experience is that the difference between Air France stewardesses/flight attendants and every other airline I've flown is, um, eye opening. The Air France stewardesses were not necessarily the most beautiful but even in their uniforms, young and old, they were far and away the most together in terms of style details, poise, and manners. I could almost begin to daydream that I had somehow been transported back to the era when air travel was classy...almost.
I'd like to find some candidates for a reasonably priced, good looking all-around black shoe. I don't particularly want captoes as the intended usage is more of a wedding/funeral/city night usage rather than business wear but there may be a rare occasion when I would wear them for business. I already have a pair of AE Colton in chestnut and a pair of AE Cortland in chili(both $169 at the AE outlet btw) and will generally wear those unless a black shoe is demanded. Any...
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