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Grey suit, truly 50R EU, drop 7 , pants single pleated. Asking 150 shipped evrywhere. I can acept only western union.
shoes from my collection cesare firrao mede in italy i like them a lot
Mint condition dark grey suit, very soft winter fabric, rather for a tall guy more than 185 cm european mesure, size 52 true, side vented jacket, cuffed pants, measurments are: shoulder= 18.1 while hanging, and 18.9 when streched sleev length= 26 jacket length from bottom collar = 31.9 i this suit is to long for me so im asking 200 ->>>> already taken by a good SF friend biding ended
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie I've always liked the Aquaterra. I prefer the one with the silver dial though. Congrats on your new watch. Too bad that getting it serviced every 5 or so years will cost a lot more than buying a few batteries. my seiko 5 has not been serviced in the last 5 years so why should the omega if properly handed,
great watch and automatic so you dont have to change bateries
Has anyone herad about "Wells of Mayfair - Maddox Street" cos i got one dated 1983 bespoke suit (my first english suit) that looks like nothong ellse. I mean how could they make a suit in 1983 that looks better then the suits made in nowdays, incredible cut, fabric- very little pading.
price drop 230, shipped -
Mint italian suit 50R eu measure, with litle invisible in the back of the sleeve spot eatan by moles (ups i ment moths) probably, side vented duble pleated trosers cuffed. asking 200 shiped everywere
chest when streched = 22.05 thanks it has some wais suspension for me thates why im letting go, im geting fat
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