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Thanks for the reviews. An other issue with this watch, is that the central deal turns every day one scale and as I suspect in half month the bulova sign will be down while the automatic sign up. I dont know the use of it, it doesnt tell me the date nor the day of the week. Maybe a weired calendar of the ancient maia..., the fact is that I can feel a high upgrade from the previous Seiko five in precision and assembly.
Got this new watch on a cool offer - paid 200$, bulova with a mid range ETA calibre 2824. i like this, thought bulova was a mediocre...
He is italian Journalist which oftenly reports and from England - London, thets why the style is mixed between sawile raw and roman style, in my opinion thats why he seems confused.
Is this guy the best or the worst dresed man in the world?
For sale, 1. worn only once duble breasted suit size 52 R drop 8 eu slimfit, 100 % wool fabric, not vented jacket, not working button cuffs. Trusers duble pleated cuffed. asking 400 shiped 2. pristine pinstripe suit from sartoria napoletana, size 50 eu but runs more like a 52 R, side vented jacket, working button cufs, flat front trousers not cuffed. asking 400 shiped.
here are mesurments testoni - sole length 28.5 cm = 11.2 in, width 10 cm = 3.9 in, beside number 42 in the corner is writen a strange number "6" mazza - sole length 28.5 cm = 11.2 in, width 10 cm = 3.9 in thanks
pristine condition, a. Testoni size 42 european true (8 US?!?), colour bordeaux askin 180 shiped. Silvano Mazza, brown-biege colour, handmade, size 7-1/2 true, askin 150 shiped. both shoes have the same identic size
Not taged suit bespoke, 100%wool propably not withdrown from the tailor, size 50-51 eu regular, single pleated pants not cufed, asking 180 shiped,
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