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Price drop -> now 200 shipped. OBO
chest not streching 18.5 in jacket weist 17.1 in
FS: 4 new suits by Bruno Bizzarri, handmade in Italy, all one identic size, not writen - smth like 36. Regular length, soft shoulders no padding. Im making the picture of one of them. 250-->200 shipped each or could negotiate if more thean one needed. shoulder - 43 cm =16.9 inch jacket length b.o.c - 29.3 in sleev length - = 24.6 in pants weist - 30 inch
Quote: Originally Posted by aph999 There's a Robb report article that says Tullio is one of the sons of Vincenzo Attolini, or brother of Cesare. http://www.robbreport.com/Wardrobe-I...in-Naples.aspx Frankly didnt know that, intresting.
Fs. Dark charaocal suit mede in italy by Tullio Attolini ( the grandfather of Cesare ). Handstiched decadency. Not writen size but its an true eu 50R = Us 40 R. Three Button roll 2Simply this is the most beautuful suit I have seen. SOLD shoulder - 18.1 inch jacket length boc - 31.6 inch sleev length - 25.6 inch chest - 22 inch weist - 20.7 inch trousers inseam - 31.5 in
You guys got one women for all those years - called wife?! Thats sick, its like dresing the same suit all the time. God forbid a woman tells me what to wear.
adding this other suit by kiton, its identic measurements like the one above slimfit 38 US-48eu, its mint condition, also not vented jacket, price 200 shipped, both suits 400 shipped. sold adding more measurments pito pit (chest) - both suits is 52 cm = 20.5 inch jacket weist on both suits is 49 cm = 19.3 in inseam on kiton trousers is 77 cm = 30.3 in with no fabric to let. pants weist: Brioni- 16.1 in x 2 = 32.2 inch overall lenth Kiton - 16.5...
FS NWT brown suit, mede in italy, soft winter fabric, not vented jacket, two button, size 38 us -48 eu, unheamed trousers, flat front. asking 300 shipped. measurements shoulder - 17 inch sleev legth- 24.8 inch jacket length BOC- 30.3 in ____sold
I dont think you will get the job with that suit, nice one but not your size, looks like you borrowed for the interview, color rather for a date with a blondie cherleader. Try some navy suit and white shirt it makes you look more confident.
Burn those flat fronts and get some duble pleated cuffed trousers, cos they are a lot more confortable and mak you look more inteligent.
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