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Price drop -> now 200 shipped. OBO
chest not streching 18.5 in jacket weist 17.1 in
FS: 4 new suits by Bruno Bizzarri, handmade in Italy, all one identic size, not writen - smth like 36. Regular length, soft shoulders no padding. Im making the picture of one of them. 250-->200 shipped each or could negotiate if more thean one needed. shoulder - 43 cm =16.9 inch jacket length b.o.c - 29.3 in sleev length - = 24.6 in pants weist - 30 inch
Quote: Originally Posted by aph999 There's a Robb report article that says Tullio is one of the sons of Vincenzo Attolini, or brother of Cesare. Frankly didnt know that, intresting.
Fs. Dark charaocal suit mede in italy by Tullio Attolini ( the grandfather of Cesare ). Handstiched decadency. Not writen size but its an true eu 50R = Us 40 R. Three Button roll 2Simply this is the most beautuful suit I have seen. SOLD shoulder - 18.1 inch jacket length boc - 31.6 inch sleev length - 25.6 inch chest - 22 inch weist - 20.7 inch trousers inseam - 31.5 in
You guys got one women for all those years - called wife?! Thats sick, its like dresing the same suit all the time. God forbid a woman tells me what to wear.
adding this other suit by kiton, its identic measurements like the one above slimfit 38 US-48eu, its mint condition, also not vented jacket, price 200 shipped, both suits 400 shipped. sold adding more measurments pito pit (chest) - both suits is 52 cm = 20.5 inch jacket weist on both suits is 49 cm = 19.3 in inseam on kiton trousers is 77 cm = 30.3 in with no fabric to let. pants weist: Brioni- 16.1 in x 2 = 32.2 inch overall lenth Kiton - 16.5...
FS NWT brown suit, mede in italy, soft winter fabric, not vented jacket, two button, size 38 us -48 eu, unheamed trousers, flat front. asking 300 shipped. measurements shoulder - 17 inch sleev legth- 24.8 inch jacket length BOC- 30.3 in ____sold
I dont think you will get the job with that suit, nice one but not your size, looks like you borrowed for the interview, color rather for a date with a blondie cherleader. Try some navy suit and white shirt it makes you look more confident.
Burn those flat fronts and get some duble pleated cuffed trousers, cos they are a lot more confortable and mak you look more inteligent.
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