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Price drop, hm this is still here
Fs. 1. Grey handmade suit big timer not written size, average Eu 50R - US40 R. Pristine, very decadent unique, asking 400->300 shipped. Shoulder 49.5 cm = 19.5 in Sleev length 61.5 cm = 24.2 in Jcket length 76 cm = 29.9 in Chest 54 cm = 21.3 in Pants inseam: 79 cm = 31.1, with inches to let. Weist 92 cm = 36.2 in
56) the Boss says "Hey Big timer-now sit down and explain - does the office poor financial results have any thing to do with your new Kiton chuka boots?!"
its us dollars
This shoes are FAM, and the sole length is 32 cm = 12.6 in. width12 cm = 4.7 in.
For your consideration burgundy shoes santoni. Size is a true 9 F. Used but in good condition for a cuple more years. asking sold. (price includes international shipping )
Yes the car is surprisingly reliable. When purchased (I was drunk) i only did new brakes some tuches in the air conditioning and thets it. No problems yet.
Anyone has this car? and what is the opinion. I have it since one year, its a dated car 1990 but i wana get old with it. I like very much. Since i got it i started hating german cars and i cant immagine changing it with smth made in germany. Anything wrong with me?
Adding more photos.
The picture of the back vents shows the accurate color, its charaocal. All have the same cut. beter pictures of the others on demand. three other fabrics are shown here, first two charaocal soft flanel.
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