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despite the fact that the suit shown here has nothing to do with GF Why would Gianfarnko Fere make a suit at saint andre anyway,was he a mediocre fashiondesigner franchasing his name everywhere? like the dg and armani cell fones and cars. I still want to belive he was the oldschool and woud not do smth like this, if that sounds trollish thats your fakt up problem
you guys all know deep inside its a fake so why dont you help our friend make a good decision and reject the china sartorial project and invest in some real good suit
i se the inside pocked construction, doesent seem GFF nor italian, the other question is - is why is it written two times "made in italy" ?!
its a fake
My first suit i had 5 years ago it was one of those chinese nylon which i dresed everyday for about one year until it become completley digusting. than i thought i should upgrade my wardarobe and began bying better and better stuf. now i find myself comfortable only in italian sartorial stuff but i think this smth one is born with, i feel i always had this kind of extraintrest for the details and things how should be, rather than they are in the common aceptance. the...
tonight i present very good new suit dark blue, rare model duble ventet, made in italy all wool, size 50 , and a pair of shoes all lether never worn number 9.
Its branded "Brokeback Mountain"
tonight i present a very good new suit 100% wool made in italy size 50, and a pair of shoes of lether that not my size becose are number 11 my number is 9,
hi all, i want to sell this suit of good wool and one time used, any money is good for me plese contact and ill send, it is size 50, mete in italy,
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