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cos im going to get maried soon and i would like to heve the same in my weding day
Same question here, what knot is in this piocture anyone can help - how to make it?
d and g ben sherman c and a h and m springfield levis dockers
hi Im on the right with the tie,
dark shirts shuld not be a part of any wardrobe. the jacket is quite nice, rather for everyday at office with black trousers straight fit, brown tie and white or light blue shirt.
here is a video that gives a clear cut answer how a diner tux is in napolitan style by one of the most sexy man in the world
Maybe yo have another experience but i was never disapointed of any italian garment at the this level, i have some suits that simply dont fit me cos are other measurements but that doesent have any thing to do with their quality and their timeles style. Im hapier with the suits forewer hanging on my closet cos they keep staying brand new and fresh. I just wach them somtime to compare with other ones. So he can keep the tux at least for such puropse what ellse can I say.
I think we should blindly trust our "style authorities" like Attolini in this case, if we do not the who you gona trust H&M and Zara?, if we reconsider the reputation they build in decades than what? there shall be no authority in this field at all.
o my God, instead of a single button jacket he deliverd you duble button jacket. %&* me, I was thinking that the worst think that can hapen was dying of starvation in africa, but than i red this thread. It makes me wana cry when i think that smb out there has to wear a duble buton attolini tuxedo.
Is it posible to heve a pleasent jerk of with such gloves?
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