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You should sugest me to visit a gym not the tailor Here is buttoned, if i sit on a chair the button might kill somebody standing in front of me.
Got this havy weight DB suit that drapes well. It feels unesthetik and tight when i button it, can I leave it open/unbuttoned or its SF not aproved? anything ellse wrong...
FS. pristine like new, suit size 42/52 R. Three button jacket, flat front cuffed pants, no alterations. askin ..sold shoulders width 19.3 inch jacket length BOC 31.9 inch sleev length 25.6 inch pants weist 19.7 inxh x 2 = 39.4 inch pants inseam 32.3 inch
fs Pal Zileri dark charcoal 3 button suit, side vented, not working button cufs, Size 52R eu or 42 R us, but the jackes is a litle bit longer than the R size. Flat front trousers cuffed. No alterations, asking 200 shiped. jacket length BOC = 31.7 inch sleev length 25.4 inch shoulder width 20 inch
price drop on zileri 46/56 R 180 shiped.
Warsaw was my second hometown, didnt know that smb. made such great shoes there. Where exactly is this guy Chmielna number ...? I used to go at a music club at the end of chmielna called "cul de sac", great street lots of art and spirit.
Japanese... those dudes look like 70's vietnamise comunists
aded rafaele caruso
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