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Fs. pristine like new suit, navy subtle striped. Side vented. Not writen size but is like 40/50R. pants are single pleated cuffed. asking sold Shoulders 47 cm - 18.5 inch Sleev length 61 cm = 24 inch Jacket length BOC 78 cm = 30.7 inch pants weist 47 cm = 18.5 in Inseam 79 cm = 31.1 inch 51 cm = 20.1 inches. Pit To pit 22.4 inches. Pants rise 28 cm = 11 inches leg opening 21 cm = 8.3 in with fabric to let. 2. Vey decent all canvased,...
sold, sorry to all pmers, you are great, soon well get down all of those isaia smart as
pricedrop on second suit, worn cuple times pristine like new, sartoria, perfect 50 r working buton cufs now 340 shipped Shoulders 48 cm = 18.9 in Sleev length 64 cm = 25.2 in Jacket length BOC 78 cm = 30.7 inch pants weist 47 cm = 18.5 in Inseam 83 cm = 32.7 inch 6 cm = 2.4 inch to let
better sexually haresst office chiks than ignore them, otherwise you gonna face furious rage that shall blow out you of the job. Notice them, make comments how good they look etc.
No way, if you wanna get long in the office you got show intrest on the surrounding chiks. Thos holes need to be filled. I learned the lesson, i got fired in the previous ofice playing "dont tuch me boy". Ill be crispy and take a camera with me.
christmas and new years eve feast organised in a hotel by my office. My god! what should I put on. crispy out there or - easy everyday stuff. i wanna date some of those chiks
i let out 2 inches on the back seam, one inch per side. I pressed with steam and its not visible and it fits well now. It formed kind uf upside down v shape toward the uper part of the jacket. The button cuffs are not working, so cutting sleevs shall be my next weekend work.
Dont know if this cirio petrolungo is the maker or the destination of the suit?
thanks all, im taking it to a tailor seems there is fabric left on the back seam. The only reason i want to keep is that the shoulders have IMO a fantastic construction that cant be acheived by other makers, its a napolitan bespoke not delivered. Those guys/tailors are insane.
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