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Olive color suit, side vented jacket, double pleated trousers. 3 roll 2 buttons. Fine wool fabric. Size is written by hand from a drunk tailor and i can not tell if its 44 or 47 or 57 R or whatever so measurements check. Shoulders seam to seam – 49 cm, 19.2 Sleeve length – 70 cm, 27.5 inches Jacket length BOC – 84 cm, 33 inches Pit to pit, seam to seam 53 cm, 21 inches Pants belt 84 cm, 33 inches Inseam – 87 cm, 34 inches Very small imperfection discovered on the...
Bespoke suit in solid wool fabric. However is a slim 54EU/44US Regular. Pants single pleated. measurments Shoulders seam to seam – 49 cm, 19.2 inches Sleeve length – 66 cm, 26 inches Jacket length BOC – 81 cm, 31.8 inches Pants belt diameter 94 cm, 37 inches Inseam – 85 cm, 33.5 inches
Charcoal suit in excellent shape. Thought i needed a trendy short cut suit but this does not work for me so never worn. Seems that the suit has been professionally altered shortened without any sign of it. Side vented. Shoulders seam to seam – 46 cm, 18 inches Sleeve length – 60 cm, 23.6 Jacket length BOC – 73 cm, 28.7 inches Pants belt diameter 94 cm, 37 inches Inseam – 69cm, 27 inches and 7 cm, 2.7 inches to let. For the moment can accept only Western Union payment.
Pristine three season suit, pleated trousers, size very regular 52 R European measure. measurements: Shoulders seam to seam – 49 cm, 19.3 inches Sleeve length – 64.5 cm, 25.4 inches Jacket length BOC – 76 cm, 30 inches Pants belt diameter 92 cm, 36.2 inches Inseam – 77 cm, 30 inches.
Dark navy suit, not vented. Writen 54 Regular eu size but its very slim in shoulders like a 52, Not vented jacket. Trousers long for aby adjustment. sold. upper shoulder seam to seam - 45 cm, 17.7 inches sleev length not working buttons - 66cm, 26 inch jacket length bottom collar- 78 cm 30.7 inch pants inseam not cuffed - 82 cm, 32.3 inch bants belt diameter- 90 cm, 35.43 inches pit to pit is 21.2 inches
For sale a pristine dark navy suit made in italy by Antonio Panico, ridiculous handmade. Its an 52 Regular european measure. Subtle pinstriped upper shoulder seam to seam - 46 cm, 18.11 inches sleev length - 64 cm, 25.19 inches jacket length bottom collar- 79 cm 31.1 inches pants inseam cuffed - 80cm, 31.5 inches pants belt diameter- 90cm, 35.43 inches
not good
Brioni goes French, bought by the same guy that has Gucci . by by Roman Style. God morning fused Chinese polyester suits
pricedrop now borelli 220 shiped, and cut to bone 120. only western union payment.
Price drop on Borrelli now 300. added other 40/50R
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