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I just started dipping my toes in the hot sauce world. Frankly, there are too many choices so it's a bit overwhelming. Right now I am trying out: Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion - Sweet and only slightly spicy. Super good! Hot Sauce ( Mild ): Ring of Fire Garden Fresh - Not very good. Has a weird saltiness. Marie Sharp's: Marie Sharp's Mild Pepper Sauce - This is the spiciest of the bunch but tolerable. They consider it mild which is great for me.
I own and like SWRVE but I don't think they are in the same category as Outlier.
I thought it was potatoes confit.
Hmm I liked the first course (fluke, caesar tempura alot). I thought the egg yolk gnocchi and mushrooms were good (pictured) but maybe a little too much food (yeah too big of a portion) and it's kind of heavy. The fish was really yummy (black bass I think). Milk fed veal was great. Super tender, almost fatty and soft like pork belly (weird analogy I know). It was a good portion too and we were getting full by now. Oysters with oyster leaf was a lot of fun. The leaf tastes...
Not last night but had ink (LA) this weekend and was very impressed! Sorry about the gross cell phone picture. I didn't bring my camera. 2012-05-19 21.25.59 by sygyzy, on Flickr
You missed a one day 20% off coupon but PM me and I can send you a $25 off code
Wow Matt, why the attitude?
I am washing off all the marinade before grilling.
Wait, what? Are you asking for my mailing address because I won some sort of prize?
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