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Do you still want info or did you already go? What can I say? The girl who you talked to or emailed with is super cool. She handles everything. You walk in and they seat you are the bar and give you an iPad to choose a drink. You can get a drink at the bar and choose what you want for the meal. They lead you to a back "secret" room and wait for the other guests. The theme of the room is really cool and creative, I won't ruin it for you. It's not very large, maybe 12x12...
My friend went the first week of the "new" revamp and then returned with me a week later so he saw it pre and post Wells piece. I thought everything was great and actually wish there was more narration. He told me, after each course, how drastically it was cut back. If you didn't read the Wells piece and were just going as a normal every day customer, i assure you, you wouldn't know anything was up. It really felt no different than my dinner in 2010. There's nothing forced...
That's not lotion.
Thanks for the code. I am a new customer and just placed an order for two shirts. I went with 38 (S), I hope it fits. I may be a 40.
Looking for a pair of jeans similar or exactly like the Farnielli x Crate collaboration a few years ago. Skinny but not ball-hugging tight. Dark denim but I don't think it's raw, at least doesn't feel as stiff. I think the denim was from Cone Mills? Who else makes a similar pair?
I just started dipping my toes in the hot sauce world. Frankly, there are too many choices so it's a bit overwhelming. Right now I am trying out: Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion - Sweet and only slightly spicy. Super good! Hot Sauce ( Mild ): Ring of Fire Garden Fresh - Not very good. Has a weird saltiness. Marie Sharp's: Marie Sharp's Mild Pepper Sauce - This is the spiciest of the bunch but tolerable. They consider it mild which is great for me.
I own and like SWRVE but I don't think they are in the same category as Outlier.
I thought it was potatoes confit.
Hmm I liked the first course (fluke, caesar tempura alot). I thought the egg yolk gnocchi and mushrooms were good (pictured) but maybe a little too much food (yeah too big of a portion) and it's kind of heavy. The fish was really yummy (black bass I think). Milk fed veal was great. Super tender, almost fatty and soft like pork belly (weird analogy I know). It was a good portion too and we were getting full by now. Oysters with oyster leaf was a lot of fun. The leaf tastes...
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