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Thanks Jet. I don't live near SF or NYC and have never bought a Uniqlo product before, so I didn't know.
Is there any way to purchase the Fall Undercover items besides going to the stores or through eBay? It doesn't look like their online component, in the US, is ready.
No offense meant but are SF men buying and wearing Lulu on a regular basis?
Should I buy this Nau jacket? Ignore the price http://www.nau.com/mens/categories/jackets/wool/highline-blazer-036m02.html
I don't know what to say. I mean you want tickets to a very in-demand restaurant but you don't want to play "the game." I guess you can see if they have reserved seats for American Express concierge customers (a la French Laundry, Per Se).
Fair enough guys. I am just saying was a good restaurant and still is a good restaurant, regardless of the theatrics. I was at Aldea the night after and the guy spent 10 minutes talking about pourover coffee as he served a neighbor. I admit I egged him on by asking questions and giving him ideas about technique etc, but I also heard him give a lengthy spiel to a stranger 20 minutes earlier. The pourover included the use of a scale, timer, Buono kettle, etc. All of this...
I had a great time. Honestly I am telling you, there's not much of a 'spiel' at all. In fact they cut it down pretty dramatically. You are really being held up on the Wells piece, which is really sad for the restaurant. When we were dining, Humm and Guidara came over to talk to us and he particularly wanted to hear my friend's opinion (since he was the first customer to have the experience twice, pre and post Wells). We talked about the piece and Guidara seemed genuinely...
I spoke to my friend about this - people who dress or act inappropriate in fine dining restaurants - and we came to a few conclusions. Often times, he says, they are (German) tourists. Well tourists in general who come to NY and want to try out that "famous restaurant". He says in particular they seem to be mostly German though, lol. In this case, it was probably the son or nephew who was the real foodie who just wanted to bring his auntie from Hong Kong (or whatever) to a...
I don't know what time but they announce it on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/alinearestaurant
No, it was a small camera and I don't feel like I was making a big scene of it.
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