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What are some must have items when the online store opens?
tomato, watermelon, crab, avocado, palm sugar vinaigrette, purslane Poutine: oxtail ragu, cheddar sweet corn agnolotti, lobster mushroom, sunchoke chip, savory
Wow, I can't believe this just happened.
I am selling my Tanner Goods belt, size 32. It comes with a chrome/silver buckle. It has been used maybe a dozen times. I gained some weight so I no longer fit it. I am ordering a new one to replace it. I don't recall the exact color (I can't find my invoice). It looks to be somewhere between Cognac and Mahagony. I am asking $57 shipped USPS in the continental US. Paypal only, no extra fees. More images here
I'll send you a PM chiggah Edit: Oops i see we already chatted before about the suit
Picked up my shirts from the post office today. Note to self: Taylor Stitch uses signature confirmation. No problem, will ship to work from now on. The shirt quality is amazing. Very impressed. Metal collar stays. Contrast button hole stitching. Really love the MW collaboration too. Wish the code applied to it but I can understand the decision not to.
I'm curious too. Anyone? Just picked up a shirt.. I'll report back in case anyone's interested.
I just tried entering it for a 6 pack and it wouldn't accept the code. Edit: now it works.
I am kind of surprised you are that impressed with the jacket details. What you listed is pretty much standard in any mid to high end technical jacket. I thought maybe you were used to cheap jackets but you listed Arc'teryx and other fairly nice brands. I guess I have to see it for myself.
Yeah it's true. I guess out of sight out of mind. It never occurred to me to ebay or proxy it. I hope the launch of the online store changes that. SB is not so bad, man. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
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