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Good question. Definitely on one of the fashion blogs. Maybe Cool Hunting or Selectism. I have an acquaintance in town that has done some of your photo-shoots, I think. Love the philanthropic side of things. Please consider partnering with Rotary to do something to help with the eradication of Polio.
They are made with Japanese rice paper. Yes, the paper is edible. The exact type that's used by most MG restaurants is called obulato.This link isn't working for me right now but should help: http://www.starchefs.com/features/japanese_ingredients/html/index.shtml
What is the correct way to shape agnolotti? I know how to do it but in some examples/pictures it looks like they do a final fold over to create a sort of pocket/flap. Let me describe the two ways and someone can tell me the "correct" method. Method A: Roll out a length of flat pasta, 18 inches x 6 inches (arbitrary). Pipe a length of filling, leaving a 3/4" gap on the left, right, and bottom. Brush all around with egg yolk mixture. Fold the pasta sheet from the bottom,...
I would have mixed feelings about that. As a matter of principal and legality, they shouldn't be collecting VAT from a US customer. It doesn't make sense. But I guess in a pure "do you come out ahead" standpoint, you probably are ok. I wonder why they are unprofessional? Figuring out billing and VAT is not rocket science and based on their website, it looks like they have been doing this (online sales) for a while.
Just got my FedEx tracking as well. I have to say I am extremely impressed with their launch. A lot of things could have gone wrong but this was as flawless of an online experience as you could have asked for.
That's good news. I picked medium for my order so things should be good. Hopefully I'll receive it in the next few weeks.
How do you normally wear it? Does it look funny if you don't layer it over a bunch of clothes? What if you just had a henley on and it on top? Does it look like you're swimming in it? Also, what size does medium correspond to? Some sites/models are listed as S, M, L etc and some have numbers like 36, 38, 40 etc
Can someone help me with sizing? I am interested in a simple jacket, waxed, with not too much going on. I am eyeing the Beaufort, Bedale, or Ashby. I am a 39" chest, 5'8" 165 lbs so not skinny. About medium. I live in California so the coldest it gets here is maybe high 30's. My city is actually temperate so we hardly see cold. I can see myself wearing this over a suit if I am in NY or SF and going out to eat, or in town and going to a charity function. This is going to...
4 pairs of dress socks, regular tee, v-neck tee, microfleece set, flannel check shirt, extra-fine cotton broadcloth check, two oxfords,
Placed my order without issue. I have never worn or even seen Uniqlo items in real life so I am taking a gamble. I hope it pays off.
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