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The slim oxford button down in Medium fits me perfect. I have odd sizing issues. If I pick sizing based on just one element, it often throws the rest off. For example, I button the top button often because I wear ties. I have a largish neck (~16"). To get a 16" on must BD shirts, you're looking at a medium to large. Or a 40-42 chest. I often have to deal with blooming or long sleeves. I know this is the nature of ready to wear, off the rack clothing but it's frustrating.
Wow the site in unresponsive for me now. Random.
Ok I am trying stuff on and looking at measurements. Here's my feedback. For the record - I am 5'8", 165 with a 39" chest Slim Fit Oxford Long Sleeve - Medium fits PERFECT for me. I wear ties often with Oxfords and this buttons up just fine even though my neck is a little big (~15.75") Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee (read these shrink a lot after wash?) - Got this in a medium. The material surprised me. It's very similar to Patagonia shirts which are sort of a polyester...
I got my huge shipment today. I ordered medium in everything since they said that's for a 38-41 chest. I am a 39 chest and could stand to lose 10 lbs. Yet I felt like I was swimming in the stuff. I am afraid of returning the shirts and ordering smalls and having them be too small! Maybe I'll keep this shipment and order everything in small and see which is best. Any advice on sizing re: Slim Fit Oxford Long Sleeve, Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee (read these shrink a lot...
Let's be honest - most guys here dress better than the women in their lives.
*Ahem* Apolis x Taylor Stitch x StyleForum. I will take the project management lead on this.
I am sorry but who in their right mind would tell you to just buy a new watch instead of servicing a Blue Spark? First of all, the watch can't be more than 4 years old. In other words, a modern movement with parts that shouldn't be hard to find. Second, it's a classic modern Seiko watch if there ever was one. I would have done the same as you.
They are made with Japanese rice paper. Yes, the paper is edible. The exact type that's used by most MG restaurants is called obulato.This link isn't working for me right now but should help:
What is the correct way to shape agnolotti? I know how to do it but in some examples/pictures it looks like they do a final fold over to create a sort of pocket/flap. Let me describe the two ways and someone can tell me the "correct" method. Method A: Roll out a length of flat pasta, 18 inches x 6 inches (arbitrary). Pipe a length of filling, leaving a 3/4" gap on the left, right, and bottom. Brush all around with egg yolk mixture. Fold the pasta sheet from the bottom,...
I would have mixed feelings about that. As a matter of principal and legality, they shouldn't be collecting VAT from a US customer. It doesn't make sense. But I guess in a pure "do you come out ahead" standpoint, you probably are ok. I wonder why they are unprofessional? Figuring out billing and VAT is not rocket science and based on their website, it looks like they have been doing this (online sales) for a while.
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