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Does "moving the cuff up" change the size of the cuff? Or are they cutting material out above the cuff and re-attaching the cuff?
When you guys are talking about where your sleeves sit on your wrists/hands are you talking about arms straight down to the side? Elbows bent on a table? Over your head? Hugging yourself?
I placed an order for a medium tee and a small oxford. I have been on an OBD bender lately so I hope this one works.
Those of you that picked up Oxfords can you share what size you bought and what your measurements are?
What's the point of starting a company that is based on the premise of an (albeit arbitrary) price limit only to break it within the first six (?) months? I mean they can do whatever they want and I am sure people will still buy their products but why put yourself in a position where you'll end up being a liar?
How come? Is there something special about it?
Wow, I never heard of this Exrent guy but I am a huge cycling and Rapha fan so I'll be subscribing to the RSS. Thanks guys
My medium arrived. Pretty good quality. Reminds me a bit of Wolf vs Goat except not as fitted.
Made in Japan skinny or regular fit?
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