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I just watched a Youtube video of this dish prepared at, what I believe, Atelier.
I did a search and didn't find it in a Roubochon book. Is there some reason you believe it might be in one of his books?
Looking for a Bedale, Beaufort, or Ashby in the non-Classic (aka NOT sylkoil finish). I am 5'8" with a 39" chest so I am guessing a size 38?I like navy, rustic, or sage.
I received my first Everlane items today. I ordered: Medium Men's Crew - fits great. I thought it was a bit loose but I realized that if I went any smaller, it would be a super tight tee and that's not what I want in a casual shirt Small Oxford - I have a 39" chest, 17" shoulders in front, 18" in the rear. I really am digging the fit. I do think they are accurate in describing it as super fitted. My shoulders are perfect. The arms are TOO long. I am glad the waist flares...
Someone please wipe this sale out and resale on the boards. Or better yet, sell one to me directly.
Try the Thomas Keller one. I have to say, I've made it maybe 5 times and each time had issues., When you are talking about burnt sugar, there's so much that can go wrong. I've never had one where it went flawless.
How much did that set run you? Was there anything special about buying it? Limited?
Ok perfect. That really helps. If I have a partner measure my arms for sleeve length, should I measure to the V (thumb and index), top of my wrist bone, or the crease where the arm and hand meet?
Does "moving the cuff up" change the size of the cuff? Or are they cutting material out above the cuff and re-attaching the cuff?
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