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Same here! I sent back returns from weeks ago and haven't heard a thing. My friend did as well and today she heard back and they completely missed one of the items she sent. They said they are going to go try to find it. As in they lost it. How can they be so unprofessional.In a stark contrast, my friend and I both received snail mail envelopes full of a copy of a corrected invoice and a letter apologizing and explaining that there was a mistake in our previous shipping...
This is confusing. This is the same stuff as the Uniqlo Theory collaboration except Theory is selling it, without any Uniqlo branding, on their site?
Would you mind direct linking? I can't find it anywhere.
Has anyone had an online store return processed sucessfully? I sent back two packages, one pre-Sandy, and still no word from them. In comparison. I sent something back to J Crew at the end of last week and my credit was processed today.
Dave, what did you pick up for me?
Short of memorizing the inventory, how can you guys tell when new stuff is added? Edit: Oh, there's a new arrivals link.
Definitely L'Atelier.
I've offered it before and will again. I have a PID machine that's near mint that I'll let anyone borrow if they want to try out SV cooking. I haven't really thought in depth about trust or insurance issues but I guess we'll do a minimum post count or have a few members vouch for you. You just have to pay shipping both ways and I'll set some sort of time limit on it, I suppose. I have an IC so I never use the PID.
People are just joking around. You seem pretty tech savvy with your fast internet connection so you can understand how confusing it is for the rest of us with normal browsers and computers and slow internet speeds to not see the same issues you are. Have you considered that it may be a problem with your setup? Perhaps a rogue plugin?
Are you serious? I am going to place an order based on this information. I hope you are right.
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