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Hi, What is the inseam on these pants? I don't know how to derive it from your outseam measurement.
Actual measurements?
I have a pair of RRL and it's pretty slim, especially around the thighs. Is there a certain version I should look for?
I have plenty of raw and "premium" denim, but I want a few pairs of washed denim with a looser fit that I can wear around town. For a while, that was my J Crew x Levi's collab (forgot the model). I recently helped a friend move and ripped a giant hole in the rear. Oops. Please recommend a brand/model of denim I can buy to replace it. Again, something of a more relaxed but not baggy fit. Thanks.
So tempted - $168.50 for Tiger Fleece hoody. That's including $20 standard charge to ship to US.
Can you post your measurements? Barbour sizing is highly confusing to me so I can't tell if it'd fit me or not. How does it fit on you? Is it tight? Loose enough to wear over a suit?
Any Styleforum discounts I can apply towards the Bauhaus watch?
I carry some weight around my waist and I don't like super skinny jeans and even then I am wearing a 32 for my 34+ waist and it feels totally fine. If you want to split the difference, just size one down. I feel if you bought TTS, you would have pretty loose pants. What do you mean about the last question? i bought 32 and I am a true 29-30 inseam and since they are slim, they stack just fine. 2 inches (for me), isn't much so it's not like you are going to look like some...
Just go by the sizing charts. I found that their jean charts are accurate. They are not TTS, it's vanity sized. For example, size 32 measures 34 in the waist.
Got the UU Heavy Gauge Long Cardigan in Medium and I was swimming in it. I may re-order in small but probably not.
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