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and they
Found another good fella, NightRider
just found Konstantino
Wooo...Steel Flame and Jacob are nice!
Not Imperial Rose Collections too. They don't have a store in NYC.
To answer your question, this might sound silly to you, I am trying to find one silver jewelry designer brand shop in New York. I remember it is very dark and gothic interior. Similr to Lazaro SoHo but has much longer history. It seems very very well known by Rock n Roll celebrities. Thick silver chains and bracelets. Huge stones too. Interior has a small steps to go up to center area. The sales were very stuck up and snobbish. One of silver smith giant....It is none...
Adding Lazaro SoHo to the list.
Open up my question to men's jewelry designers. Doesn't have to be silver. Most of names I mention above work above silver anyway. Just I thought guys jewelry design seems to be silver primary.
Hello guys, Besides Scott Kay John Hardy Chrome Heart David Yurman Stephen Webster Versani Who else are respectable silver jewelry designers for men that I forget to mention?
Hello Guys, I have a suit jacket and would like waist section only to be fitted so it has more shape. Does the alteration should taking from the center seam or two side seam? Thanks, W.
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