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[quote=presses;1609807]What is the best oil to use in my Yamaha Four Stroke Snowmobile?I have a new Yamaha Four Stroke sled. My buddies want to hear it run...should I start it for them? Only If each of You are wearing DB suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Shit gives you weird dreams. I would imagine lung cancer does too.
In before the cut-off.
Stop Smoking finally. Already bought the Chantix. Oh yeah, I'm only buying one sport coat in '09. ONE dammit.
Esquire and GQ.
Great pics,Looks like everyone had a blast.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara i hasve a huge vagina. Bragging is impolite.
Quote: Originally Posted by Musiclover Sounds like a shitty compliment.
[quote=Seanallen;1588012] "I was high as giraffe pussy" I know I'm sleep-deprived but that is the funniest damn thing I've seen all day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I was laughing pretty hard during some parts. When he confronts the African-American 'hoods, the one Asian gangster, etc. Clint to the white wannabe gangster: "Shut up, pussy." Theres a short interview with Eastwood in this month's Esquire. He thinks a lot of people are pussies.
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