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How much difference does the zip at the back make in regards to getting it on and off ? I'm imagining awkwardness trying to reach around to the back to undo the zip.
^Thanks !
Does anyone own the over parka ? Looking at one from aw14 and wondering if i need to go down 1 size as i did with the highland parka.
Have you looked into the EG type 6 ? Pretty much what you're after loose / taper fit.
I'm guessing you wouldn't be able to layer anything more than a button down or tee with it ?
Did you size down on the jacket ? Tried it in my normal EG size and it was a lot bigger than yours looks .
Do any EG shirts taper in at the waist at all ? Just received a work shirt and i don't like the fit at all : very loose midsection / baggy + long arms. Was wondering if the 19th century might be a better fit for me.
Blue/Navy Brushed Plaid Work Shirt
TBB measurements are accurate. I had type 6 jeans in a summer weight denim and also have a few fatigues. The jeans have a ridiculous rise for a pair of jeans -11.75" on a size 32 ! The fatigues are 11.5" which isn't much different but they are slimmer in the top block which gives them a more flattering fit than the jeans. Not sure why Daiki decided to give the jeans such a high rise + roomy top block as it just gives excess creasing and awkward fit at least on me. Anyone...
Cheers ambyance !
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