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What are peoples thoughts on the type 6 jeans ? Not seen many fit pics in here.
Sure this has been answered before but how doe EG x Vans sizing compare to normal Vans ?
Sure i saw this one on yahoo jp auctions a couple of days ago.
WTB mediums in S/S Dayton shirts and S/S 16 Olive ripstop fatigue shorts.
Anyone got or tried this seasons fatigue shorts ? As usual the measurements are all over the place between different stores so i can't decide to go with small or medium to fit my 32" waist ?
Hit me up if you're selling size medium chambray / denim work shirts .
I have the black fleece pair from fw15 and wear them with runners / hoodie / ground jacket. Similar to the the lookbook. No point trying to dress them up as they're just sweatpants with a nice cut.
Depends on your outfit / context. So much choice really. For morning dog walking / comfort i like Adidas ultra boosts paired with fleece Leisure pants + Ground jacket. With fatigue pants anything goes really : Vans / boots / converse / stan smith.
Does this mean there's no olive or navy fatigue short options this season ?
Aren't these pretty useless in anything but the lightest rain shower ?
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