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This helps thanks. Interested to know what colors you think would work / be avoided with the charcoal ? I wear alot of olive / khaki / navy tees + shirts + outerwear. Timpoblete mentioned sticking to white / grey / black which would really limit me.
Can any of you guys help me put some sort of outfit together based around these charcoal diamond fatigue pants. I got them on sale at the end of summer and can't figure out what to wear with them. The fabrics quite light and summer friendly, but the colour / texture says says autumn / winter to me which is throwing me off. Would they work with EG winter fabrics or best left to the warmer months ? Edit : mbaum + eluther are good at this
Tempted to buy the melton wool Cruiser. Anyone seen it in the flesh ?
Guys , which color Virgils would go best with these EG charcoal pants ?
Thanks man ! The search goes on. If anyone has any leads please message me.
Can anyone help me find dark brown virgils sz 9.5 ?
@Shoreman, what brand are the footwear you're wearing ?
Thanks Mbaum and eluther !
Does anywhere have the flannel shop coat ? Please shoot me a pm if you can help.
Really like this. Is the shirt grey or light olive ? Hard to tell from pics.Also mbaum do you the think the shirt would work with something cropped like the shawl collar or driver jackets from ss15 ?
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