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Thanks, i see what you're getting at with the fabric. I'm guessing it's dry clean only so what's likely to happen to the fabric once it's been caught in some rain showers ?
Did anyone see the grey tropical wool parka in the flesh ? Wondering if its worth picking up at 30% off RRP ?
Are there any sweats this season ? Love the gym hooded sweats from fw14 and was hoping for more.
Most jp sites + TheBureauBelfast are wearing 32 Ghurka shorts + 32 Fatigue pant + small fatigue shorts or 34 Ghurka shorts + 34 fatigue pant + medium fatigue short.I measured my true waist at 32" and wear 32 Ghurka shorts with a belt + 32 fatigue pant with the tabs done up and small fatigue shorts which fit spot on. As i said previously i was swimming in the medium shorts.
Anyone know why all the EG SS15 has been removed from Nepenthes website ? Is it likely to reappear at sale prices ?
150lbs and you wear xs ? Shit man i'm the same weight and build as you and find anything smaller than EG medium is too tight around my shoulder/armpit.
Is it not strange though that i have to take a size small in the fatigue shorts despite being a 32" in all the numbered pants and a medium in all the top wear. I was swimming in a size medium fatigue short.
Have you got a link for styfo japan ? Googled it but came up blank.
Cheers guys for Dayton info. Just need to decide between navy and khaki now.
For those of you who own the dayton how do you wear it ? I mean does it feel like a shirt or a jacket with the patch pockets on ?
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