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How much extra room do you normally have?? A small is too tiny for you? Smalls always cut into my armpits and are uncomfortable so yes medium is my size
[/quote] What jacket is this ?
I'm a 38 chest and always wear medium in EG if that helps.Am also looking to buy this jacket but could do with some help deciding between navy and olive.
I've noticed this as well.
Does anyone know where i can get a Dayton size medium please ?
Depends how you want it to fit. I tried small and medium and at 5ft 8" i found the mediums a bit long and loose at the waist. I preferred the small which gave me a fit very similar to Daiki here.upload jpg
Have been Looking at EG threads from previous seasons on here and one thing that's been mentioned on occasion is that all the fabrics are pre washed to account for shrinkage before they are sent to the shops. Can anyone confirm this is true ?
How's the fit on this seasons fatigue pant compared to last season ?
Thanks for this. I ended up trying both in olive ripstop and kept the Ghurka shorts which are much better fit for me at least. The fatigue shorts are wide and short while the Ghurka are slightly longer and slimmer.
Sorry should have said specifically this seasons fatigue shorts ?
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