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This is great, thanks !
Anyone know where i can get black leather virgils in a us10 please ?
Talking of vans does anyone mix in Authentics with EG ?
Thanks for that !
Does anyone know if there's any difference fit wise between SS13 and SS14 fatigue shorts ? I tried a pair of SS14 recently and they seemed a bit baggy as well as not having the cinch buttons on the waist which is annoying. I can get hold of a pair of SS13 online and was hoping they maybe a bit slimmer ?
Can anyone explain why the hem is so high on the curved shirts (work shirt / newport ) ? I've got a couple of said shirts and can't seem to integrate them into any fits as they always look slightly off to me. For what reason did Daiki make them so high ? If anyones got any good fit pics please post.
Thanks guys for all the suggestions.
Looking for some recommendations on winter footwear / boots that would fit in well with an EG look i.e field jacket / jeans / fatigues. All i've got at the moment are Visvim virgil boots and i'm not sure they're working, not sure why though ?
Sent you a pm. Thanks !
Does anyone know where i can get this Newport shirt in a medium please http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0051/7042/products/WorkShirtNewportBlueRed1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1391196836
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