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I don't like him or Joe Buck. Joe Buck was cool until the Randy Moss incident. My favorite announcer hands down is Hubie Brown.
I did really well on my GMAT but the grad programs I'm interested don't start until spring or next fall. Is there any way I can use GMAT score help me find a job or at least upgrade my resume?
I took the Kaplan a year ago. I didn't do any of the work so it really didn't benefit me. However, the teacher was great and if I did the work I'm sure it would have been helpful. I actually took the GMAT last week. I scored in the 90 percentile. I prepared for it for 3 weeks for 4-5 hrs a day with a Kaplan book I bought from Borders. I did all the exams Kaplan offers, 4 off the cd and 1 online I believe. GMAC, the people who make the test, give you two practice exams once...
I try drinking 3 glasses of water before you do anything in the morning but I really don't have that problem.
Mine: Skim Milk Whey Protein Molasses Flaxseed Oil Fish Oil MSM
Thanks for this stuff. I'm taking this info to the doctor next week.
Quote: Originally Posted by rxcats Both diltiazem and grapefruit juice can increase the serum concentration of simvastatin. The likely mechanism for this interaction is inhibition of CYP3A4-mediated presystemic metabolism of simvastatin (hepatic first pass-metabolism). Since your mother was started on a very low dose of simvastatin, this may not be much of an issue, but it is worth noting. There can potentially be an increased risk of dose-related adverse...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie Is there any particular reason you want one? All drugs have side effects and there is likely a reason (sometimes just personal preference) why her doctor choose these meds. He's the expert at this point and I'm still just trying to learn. Weight loss and exercise would be the best. They can both increase her lipid profile and exercise, in particular, can have a positive effect on HDL (so can weight loss though)...
Thanks for the heads up. I don't really mind sharing info I'll just the black out personal info. I've spoken to the cardiologist and I'm accompanying her to the follow-up next week. However, I like the idea of getting an opinion and posting feedback. Believe me, I'm not foolish to take anything as gospel but kind of like the idea that there is no real bias in here. As for some general questions. Any alternatives? And would about the combination of mixing the two drugs?...
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