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Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel I regard chewing gum as a loathsome, repulsive practice, the preserve of the vulgar, the lowbrow and ill-bred. Stepping in the occasional wad of chewing gum only increases my antipathy to the horrid stuff. If one wants to be rid of food particles, I suggest retiring to a place of privacy and flossing. It's not that deep, bro. Just a question.
I like having gum after I eat. I read that it helps your tooth health by loosening food particles in your mouth and stimulates the production of saliva. I use Extra because I prefer stick gum and it is sugar free. However, I just read it has sugar alcohol which is a better substitute for sugar but a little better. What gum do you guys use?
Yea yea, I know its a funny question that's why I ask it here. I just hear stuff like people who leave near the beach have a more aged face because of the wind and the sand in the wind combined obviously with the sun. I do plan to wear a helmet I was just worried about it affecting my peripheral vision but that got answered so carry on with the jokes. I got what I wanted.
Quote: Originally Posted by taktikz Wear a helmet Does that affect vision?
I thinking about getting a motorcycle. I know you are required to wear a helmet or sunglasses in Florida. My question if I opt with the sunglasses, how is that going affect the skin on my face? My guess is it can't be good being exposed to the sun and the wind for a long time. However, if I opt with helmet with the visor down, how will affect my vision on the road? I don't see many people wearing helmets.
American Male - www.americanmale.com 37 S 16th St, Philadelphia - (215) 496-0229
Trim the entire chest on a monthly basis. It only takes a few minutes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beta I use Creatine Ethyl Ester, preferrebly in capsule form due to is "sour" taste. You can use less and most people respond better to it. Axis labs makes some that is relatively inexpensive...i generally prefer to shop at 1fast400.com If you opt for just regular micronized creatine, get some that is marked "creapure" which is german, rather than chinese creatine. Prolab is one that i know that uses creapure off-...
http://www.prolab.com/index.php?main...products_id=90 I'm thinking about starting off with this but it says I need to take 15 pills a day. Is this what most people do? Or should I go with this: http://www.dpsnutrition.net/get_item_pr003.htm Powder or pills?
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