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Talib Kweli is corny and I'll get working on a cooler screen name. Lyrically, listing him top five is an insult to rap. Why because he's positive, read a few books and speaks intelligently or maybe he discusses loftier issues? Rap should never be about that. You put him on level with rappers like Scarface, Beanie Sigel, Kool G Rap is tantamount to naming after-school movie as a top five film. Ras Kass and Chino XL may be jokes in your book. Ras Kass's Soul on Ice and...
Quote: Originally Posted by SirSuturesALot Does anyone want to see Floyd vs. Pacquiao? Yea, I think everybody does. I think Mayweather might be a little hesitant.
Keith Murray - never Biggie - He may be one of the best rappers but lyricist, no. Rakim - not really fan of the era but I can see it Talib Kweli - corny Nas (this is my pick for the best) Honorable mentions: Scarface Jay-Z Beanie Sigel Redman Kool G Rap Ras Kass Chino XL Andre 3000
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Ok, let me get this straight. You can barely bench 225 yet, but you have separate days for chest, shoulders, arms? What's the point. Arms day? What do you do, 5 billion curls and extensions? Complete overkill. This is purely my own opinion. I'd cut down your weight training to three days a week, concentrating on squats, deads, press. That's really all you need for a long time. Well, throw some dips and pullups...
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth If you say you are eating cleanly from this point onwards, you might see some changes even without changing your training. That said, you might want to include a session of higher intensity sprints. Also, how long have you been on the current routine? It sounds like it's in need of a major revision. Personally, I would never include a day specifically for arms. I will rather fit triceps on a "push" day and biceps on...
Columbo is my favorite show. Steve Harvey Show Bernie Mac Show All in the Family In Living Color South Central New York Undercover Homicide The Wire Deadwood 6 Feet Under Sleeper Cell Def Comedy Jam Inside Stuff That Football Show ESPN cancelled
Quote: Originally Posted by bkk I was in a similar position a year ago. I was doing the 5x5 workout for size and strength, but added too much fat to my body because of the amount of food I was eating. I've switched to more of a traditional workout with great results in terms of cutting. Check out something like HIIT or HST. I haven't gained nearly as much strength or size, but I feel and look 100x better. How did your weight change?
Yea, I eat eggs. At what intensity should I do that cardio? My workout is (no cardio): Monday - Chest Tuesday - Back/Plyometrics Wednesday - Legs Thursday - Shoulders Friday - Arms Saturday - Plyometrics Plyometrics only takes 30 min so basically off Saturday and Sunday. When should I fit in the cardio? And do abs exercises help with gut? I'm not really concerned with a six pack, just bringing down my waist size.
Thanks for the advice. Maybe my post was a little too long-winded. Basically, how do you maintain your weight and lose a small gut?
I had a little goal to get to 200 lbs by the end of the year and I reached it eating cleanly. My strength has increased but I also developed a small gut. In my pursuit for 200 lbs, I cut out cardio for 2 months and kind of ignored abs although I do core exercises. I still want to maintain strength gains, cut my gut and stay at 200lbs. Possible? I still have strength goals like I got my bench to max at 225 but I'd like to rep it 6 - 8 times. How should I add cardio?...
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