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I'm low on my supply. I need to re-up. I don't mind shelling out the cash for a three-month supply but would like to take advantage of a cheaper alternative. I hear all the rave about cheapers drugs from Canada. I am also aware of cutting Proscar into fifths but is that okay to do.
Quote: Originally Posted by AdamG What do people use for gym bags? What's in it? I carry a nike gymsack. I put my water, workout notebook, mp3 player, gym gloves, face wipes, combination lock, wallet and deodrant in it. And big gym bag if I'm taking a shower and going out or going back to work. They got nike ones for cheap at Costco.
Has anyone tried the new Rogaine foam instead of the dripper? It seems a bit easier and neater.
I use Biolage. I am right now trying the Costco generic but as soon as I'm done back to Biolage Matrix and J Crew Conditioner.
It's not worth it, bro. Simple solution, go to your local black or hispanic barbershop and get "touched up" every week or so. My barber does it for five dollar which includes facial hair, sideburns, and the neckline. At least go once and work off his outline.
I'm actually reading a book on tooth health. According to the book, a lot of dentrifices on the market are very abrasive amd grind off the dentin and enamel. The book actually recommends Tom's by name.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivan Kipling Well said. I tried an energy drink at a Quixtar meeting. Couldn't handle it. Coffee, for me. Black and strong. I'd quit quixtar first. "Cocaine looks so freaking tight. I NEED THIS STUFF. Next weekend, me and 3 friends are going to take a 6 hour roadtrip to NYC just to get our hands on this stuff. Hahahaha, it must be peruvian
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy I'm not happy about this I'm pretty sure I'm too young to be losing hair. Does anyone know of possible causes for premature hairloss? I'm sure properica and rogaine aren't the best things for you but it worked like a charm for me. Tiecollector, I may be interested in those pills of yours.
Thanks everybody. Ireally appreciate all the help. Jeff, I'll probably have some more questions.
A friend of mine has a herniated disc near her neck. The doctor suggested a surgery which fuses 3 problemed discs together. She has a pinched nerve because of the herniation resulting in some numbness. I think there must be a better way than surgery because I've heard all the horror stories. I came across spinal decompression. Is this a scam for chiropractors or is it for real?
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