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Freeway - Hot 97 Freestyle Jay Electronica - Exhibit A Transformations
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock I really know fuck-all about the genre...but last year there was an album by a dude called Burial, goddam, he was taking it to different places than Ive ever heard. I have an album by some group called Booka Shade I stole off my network. I kind of like it. I'll probably find out they're know as the fucking, I dont know, Kansas, of the electronic music world? Untrue by Burial is thorough. That shit...
I don't jazz like that but I can't stop listening to Portico Quartet - Knee Deep....... Let me know if you are interested.
I don't where this thread has veered off to but I was looking for book about someone turning his/her situation around, not exactly rags to riches but something to that effect.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford If you want a novel, Love and Glory by Robert B. Parker is one of my favorites... It's about a man pursuing the love of his life, hitting bottom, coming to terms and making the necessary changes in his life. There are also some good details of his clothing selections making a nice bonus for Forumites like us. This looks good. How does it read,...
Are there some fictional titles like The Alchemist? Any biographies? I read that Pat Croce book. I'm from Philly so its a must read.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Scott Peck's The Road Less Traveled is good. Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford The corporate standard; Who moved my cheese? I'll check these out. I'm just a little wary of self-help book. Quote: Originally Posted by why I personally like Emerson's essays. Self-Reliance is a good read. I've heard about this. Thanks. Something like the...
Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud This one got me through some tough times: Almost funny but you can try again.
I'm looking for a book fiction or non-fiction about making changes for the better, nothing in particular. I'm just looking for something a little more inspiration to make this a good new year.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Also, the rules don't really apply to 99% of the population since 99% of the population doesn't know the rules. No one will blink an eye at your gray suit. I'm not really worried anybody blinking an eye. Most rules have some common sense behind it. I'd like to know what is.
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