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Okay, I'm growing my thick hair out. I have thick poofy hair. I've heard a few products mentions including the Skinny Line by Paul Mitchell and KMS Hairplay. I have a before/after picture. The first is my hair without product/out of shower and the second is the hair tamed. For me to tame it, I need to leave it unshampooed or conditioned for 3 days. The second pic is my goal for my hair. Here are some questions to fellow thick haired bredrin. How often do you...
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon +2 Not saying he deserved to die (at all), but in my opinion he didn't deserve to play professional football for millions of dollars. Who deserves to make millions? Your logic is asinine. No one deserves to play professional football especially in the NFL. A football team acquires a player to give them a better chance to win. The NFL as an entity is far more immoral than Chris Henry. What does the...
Costco has sunglasses. The kirkland signature brand is usually another quality branded with kirkland in order to sell at reduced prices w/out hurting the name of the quality brand. They have some for like $60 but I don't know how much you'll get in terms of variety. I need a pair too but I'm far more concerned with quality than style at this point with finances. Has anyone had any luck with any Costco brand sunglasses or other brands they bought from Costco?
I wash hands only enough to be sanitary. I would like to wash them more often but my hand to get very often after washing them. My girl is a teacher and hands are pretty bad. I want to avoid this. I've tried Purell with Moisturizer. It seems like its working. My issue is that main ingredient is alcohol which causes dryness I believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Only to my friend in Nigeria who is a top official of the federal government contract review panel there. He was interested in importing goods using funds that are trapped in Nigeria, and I'm getting 20% of the transaction value. Win-win situation
Quote: Originally Posted by ChiliPalmer If you have a lapse in coverage for more than 60 days, the an policy underwritten for you will have a preexisting condition clause. Meaning, they won't cover anything related to prior injuries. Thank you for this. Does preexisting conditon include a condition (torn ACL) that has been fixed? This hasn't been a real issue meaning it never required any medical attention since the surgery.
I'm playing in a highly competitive basketball league this coming fall and this is the first year I won't have health insurance. I've had ACL reconstruction about 8 yrs but my knee's get hurt often but no surgery since then. If I sign up for insurance now, will it cover me if I need a surgery in the fall? I know this is pessimistic but I just don't want to go bankrupt if I hurt myself.
If you saw the entire clip you would know it isn't real.
I understand I'm going get clowned. It really don't phase me either way as long I get an answer.
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