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Did you get one? If so, did you have to still straighten your hair on a daily basis?
I have long thick wavy hair. This pic is similar I have to gel and hairspray it down in the morning to make a look halfway presentable. The Florida humidity does not allow for any styling. I basically wear it like a helmet Monday thru Friday. Only a for a few hours do I get something I'm satisfied with. This happens mainly because the product starts wearing off but its maintain some form,...
Thank for the input. I initially thought the same thing. The study is about people already experiencing problems. I think this might be helpful for some people I've been taking this for about 5 years. I have not noticed any sexual dysfunction and I got sperm checked out by urologist. Everything is fine. Should I be concerned? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
This is kind of backward. I plan to get a 3" x 5" tattoo in all black ink on my chest. I am brown skinned. I have no intention of getting it removed. But If I ever want to get it removed, how difficult would it be? Moreover, would it be a successful? something similar to this in size and location but on brown skin
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Just ice the parts that hurt. You don't need to ice your whole body. From my understanding it is not injuries. It's supposed to speed recovery along with other benefits.
I play in a competitive basketball league. I work out on a regular basis and push myself pretty hard. Would I benefit from an ice bath? I never tried it when I played hs football. Has anyone on the board experimented with ice baths? I don't mind the pain if there is a serious benefit to my well-being.
Quote: Originally Posted by TG. I have thick shoulder length hair similiar to pix #3 and here what works for me. 1 Have it thinned and the split ends cut monthly 2 Only wash it 2x a week with matrix shampoo and conditioner. 3 I use parachute gold coconut hair oil daily and only a little. Oil is the key, your scalp needs it and your hair loves it . TG Thanks. This is exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Is your bed head (first...
Quote: Originally Posted by bishop491 Mine is very thick and I usually keep it shorter (classic "prep" look; parted & tapered). However, I've let it grow a great deal for a while and I've been trying different stuff to keep it tame. I'm going for more of a Bobby Kennedy look, I think. I've been told I resemble either RFK or JFK. I'd prefer R... Anyway, I use a shampoo & separate conditioner for thick hair (Pantene, I think). I had used Clubman to keep...
Thanks for the link. That help once I get the length. Any advice as far daily/weekly maintenace for more manageable hair?
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